Newsletter | April 8, 2020

04.08.20 -- What The Most Successful ISVs Do Differently


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Software Insights
ISV Sales Advice In A Competitive Payment Landscape
Q&A | A conversation with Dan Viscount, EVO Payments

In a competitive landscape where merchants face endless options for payment providers, ISV sales teams are looking for ways to expedite sales cycles and offer differentiated solutions to customers. Dan Viscount — SVP and co-general manager, IPOS Division at EVO — recently spoke with The Business Solutions Network about this and more.

Text To Pay: The Quick And Efficient Way To Pay
Article | By Mackenzie Miller, Global Payments Integrated

It takes the average person 90 minutes to respond to email, but only 90 seconds to respond to a text message. With technology advancing at rapid speeds, successful businesses have adopted the new way to pay—completely through text.

5 Tips On ASC 606 From A Fast-Growth SaaS Peer
Article | By David Appel, Sage Intacct, Inc.

I recently led a best practices webinar on ASC 606.  Our panel of ASC 606 experts shared fantastic insights that would benefit growing subscription and SaaS companies who haven’t yet tackled or are still struggling to comply with the accounting, financial reporting, and revenue recognition from ASC 606.

What The Most Successful ISVs Do Differently
  Article | By Chris Yurko, First American Payment Systems

An ISV’s effort does not end when the client is onboarded. In fact, it’s what you do after the sale that can make all the difference in your churn rate, the amount of self-referral leads you receive, and the average length of time a newly boarded customer stays with you.

Leadership Lessons
Are You A Salesperson Or A Human Being? Learn The Difference
Guest Column | By Jay Valentine,

When you are a decision maker for a tech company, even a small one, you become both a customer and a seller. You are taking your technology to a new market, so you are in a sales mode. You are a prospect for about every service, so you become the leading edge of someone’s sales funnel, a lead, a mark. Take your pick.

Network Security Training For Partners: Filling A Critical Gap
Guest Column | By Rob Rashotte, Fortinet

With 82 percent of employers saying they are currently dealing with a shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals within their organization, service providers must have the training they need to assist customers in defending against the cyberthreats introduced by these new technologies.

Estimating A Software Project With User Story Mapping
Guest Column | By Adam Scroggin, CardBoard

If you’ve spent any time in software development, you’ve probably experienced the fallout of providing your best “guess” and having it held against you as a commitment. Luckily there is a better approach to budgeting for product updates: user story mapping and forecasting.

The Future Of AI: What’s Exciting, What’s Scary, And What You Need to Know
  Guest Column | By Anton Popov, Ciklum

No longer a figment of the imagination or a thing of science fiction, artificial intelligence will have added $15 trillion to the world’s economy and be used by 70 percent of businesses by the year 2030. Already a disruptor in a range of industries, AI has come to the forefront of IT, retail, insurance, financial, and automotive industries, just to name a few.