Newsletter | June 10, 2020

06.10.20 -- What The Most Successful ISVs Do Differently

Software Insights
The Importance Of Customer Reviews And Reputation Management

Customer reviews are an essential part of a company’s brand reputation and can have a large effect on their business. Adding these features to a software solution provides ISVs with a more robust offering for their merchants.

What Payments M&A Activity Can Mean To An ISV

For ISVs, payments M&A activity can mean you arrive at work one day to find that your payment processing partner is different than the day before. You may even suddenly be linked to a company that you had decided not to partner with for one reason or another — or you may now be a part of an ISV partner program at a company that offers what you had considered a rival solution. Regardless of the situation, payments M&A activity begs the question: Stay or go?

What The Most Successful ISVs Do Differently

An ISV’s effort does not end when the client is onboarded. In fact, it’s what you do after the sale that can make all the difference in your churn rate, the amount of self-referral leads you receive, and the average length of time a newly boarded customer stays with you.