Video | February 20, 2010

Video: What VARs Can Learn From The "Long Tail" Concept

Source: APG Cash Drawer, LLC

Business Solutions magazine president Jim Roddy sits down with executives from APG Cash Drawer in an exclusive series of interviews at APG's headquarters in Minneapolis. In this interview, four APG executives define the Long Tail concept, explain how VARs can implement effective Long Tail systems, and discuss specific Long Tail principles resellers can apply to improve their business.

Here's an excerpt from this interview series: "The definition of Long Tail is 'give the customer what they want,'" says John Meilahn, VP of sales and marketing at APG. "It's not just what you have and what you have to offer and what you think they want. It's really what they want. We'd rather give customers what they want, built to order. ... (VARs) have to say, 'I can be flexible. I can set up different SKUs. I'm not afraid of that.'"