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11.09.17 -- Why Great Employees Rarely Make Great Managers

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Why Great Employees Rarely Make Great Managers
By Kristen McAlister, co-owner & president, Cerius Interim Executive Solutions

Interpersonal, teaching, and support skills won't always come naturally to your top performers. People are hired, they turn out to be great employees, the company grows, and they are promoted to managerial positions. Unfortunately, hopes for those individuals as managers fade as performance falls far below expectations, particularly when compared to their performance in their prior roles. Why is this?

Persistence Personified
By Matt Pillar, chief editor

When a surfer pops up too early on the crest of a wave, it's difficult for them to get over the "lip" and ride the momentum down the face of the wave. More often, jumping on a wave too early results in the wave's imploding beneath the board. That's analogous to tech trends, and it was a certain risk for software, which would later become Onosys. Founder Rob Taylor keeps beating the odds, coming back, and knocking down giants with his online ordering software.

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Leadership Advice From A Software Veteran
A Q&A With Claire Alexander, Capterra's new general manager

Claire Alexander brings nearly two decades of experience in digital strategy, new product development, and go-to-market leadership across the media, clean tech, education tech, and advertising tech industries. She sat down with ISVinsights and Software Executive magazine shortly after starting her new role as general manager at Capterra to discuss evolving software purchasing habits, software marketing, and leading a growing tech company.

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