Guest Column | November 12, 2018

Why One BI Software Company Started A Podcast

By Nicole Hitner, Exago, Inc.


This is the first of a multi-part series on podcasting authored by Nicole. Click here for part two.

Last year, with a scant six months of content marketing experience under my belt and absolutely no background in radio or audio production, I recorded my company’s first-ever proprietary podcast episode. I’d found myself conducting lots of interviews and getting bogged in all the transcription that entailed (though this affordable web-based tool made it so much easier). I suggested to my manager that starting a podcast might be the most efficient means of bringing in outside subject matter expertise. Why not just let the business intelligence analysts and industry researchers speak for themselves?

We content marketers are strongly encouraged to diversify our media menus, to give the standard blog post format a break or a boost every once in a while. As exciting as it may be to experiment with videos, infographics, embedded quizzes, and all the rest, we know that at the end of the day, our content needs to perform and provide business value to our companies. Neither I nor my department knew where this podcasting experiment would lead, but 12 episodes and a year later, I can safely say it paid off.