E-Book | November 1, 2018

Why Sales Reps Aren't Using Your Channel Management Software

Source: Allbound
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We hear it all the time.

The sighs of exasperated channel account managers and channel marketing managers who toil away implementing and maintaining legacy PRM systems that are rarely, if ever, actually used by their partners’ sales reps.

We understand.

The channel can be a messy place with so many moving pieces, from marketing content to training materials, deal registration to campaign management. Suddenly the software you’ve built to solve your channel management problems is only causing you more headaches when sales reps can’t find the tools, training and resources they need to do what they have been hired to do — close business.

We have a solution.

In this ebook from Allbound, your partner sales acceleration specialists will share the impact thoughtful, relevant user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) can have on your indirect sales channel by boosting adoption, improving engagement and driving more sales for your company.