Newsletter | May 15, 2019

05.15.19 -- Why Support, Not Pricing, Should Be Your USP

Featured Editorial
What Is Driving Channel Transformation And Where Is It Taking Us?
Guest Column | By Rob Spee, Channel Journeys Consulting

As infrastructure and infrastructure services become commoditized by cloud technology, partners are learning that the serious money is in specialization and adding true business value to their customers. In response, new channels are emerging and existing partner business models are changing to meet customers’ needs.

FAKE Digital Transformation Hoax Opening Massive Sales Opportunity
Guest Column | By Jay Valentine,

Vendors are selling their products as transformative, when they may not be.

Why Support, Not Pricing, Should Be Your USP
Guest Column | By Kayleigh Alexandra,

Every software company needs an edge of some kind that goes beyond the innate quality of its products. But what should that edge be? Some companies will aim for pricing, believing that undercutting their rivals will put them ahead — but it’s a bad move. If you want sustainable growth, then support is the USP you need.

Software Insights
20 Sales Prospecting Tools To Close More Deals
Article | By Will Cannon, UpLead LLC

Ever wished you could consistently close more deals? Sure, you have — every business does. And whether you’re closing at 1 percent, 5 percent, or 50 percent — one sure way to get more deals down the pipeline is to gather more leads. So, read on to discover 20 tools that will help your sales prospecting efforts — and generate more leads for you.

Tracking The Evolution Of Payment Systems
Article | EVO Payments

For decades, the big payment technology in use around the world was the familiar old magnetic strip on the back of credit and debit cards. Only recently has a big changeover begun to take hold, but after that initial inertia, many experts believe big changes are on the way.

Building A Marketing Technology Stack
E-Book | Seismic

Each department has platforms that are essential to their jobs. Seemingly, a new technology emerges every day that purports to change the game and unlock the next level of performance. Marketing is no different.

Getting Started With Software Usage Analytics
E-Book | Revulytics

All across the customer lifecycle, in-app messages can deliver a better customer experience for better business results.

How Autotask Implemented An Ad Hoc BI Reporting Tool
Case Study | Exago BI

Autotask's success is based on its proven ability to help IT services professionals automate and manage people, projects, and processes more efficiently and to run their businesses better and more profitably.

Movable Ink Deploys 12-Touch Drip Campaign Powered By Touchpoints
Case Study | Yesware

As a provider of real-time responsive and relevant emails, Movable Ink wanted to deliver a similarly personalized experience to prospects.