Article | July 24, 2018

Why Your Competitors' Follow-Ups Aren't Working And How You Can Stand Out

Source: Predictable Revenue

By Collin Stewart, CEO, Predictable Revenue


Crafting the perfect follow up message (or, more accurately, messages) is often considered one of, if not the, most challenging aspects of a career sales.

There’s the functional challenge: actually crafting interesting informative, and effective emails, social touches or voicemails. What do I say? And, how do I say it? If only every lead you reached out to realized immediately how perfect your product was and responded immediately, ready to buy (if only!).

If that weren’t enough of a hurdle – and, as most of us will attest, it is quite the roadblock – there’s the emotional challenge presented by the follow up. This is, admittedly, an issue we don’t talk enough about when analyzing the sales process. Concerns over craft, as mentioned above, tend to dominate the narrative.

But, the emotional side of follow ups is a significant issue, says Steli Efti, CEO of Silicon Valley-based CRM company, on a recent edition of The Predictable Revenue Podcast. In fact, says Efti, the emotional effects of follow ups are so strong, it’s why most sales professionals don’t execute on them well, if at all.