Newsletter | September 1, 2017

09.01.17 -- Why Your Technology Stack Matters


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Featured Magazine Content
Why Your Technology Stack Matters
By Yonas Beshawred, StackShare

From attracting developer talent to impressing investors, your stack is a representation of your business.

Is Free The Right Price For Your Software?
By Hung Nguyen, LogiGear

Learn why a 23-year-old software company transitioned to a freemium model.

7 Key Questions Every Software Sales Executive Should Ask When Qualifying Leads
By Rachel Smith, Retail Realm

The process of qualifying or disqualifying a lead is an exercise that can prove to be fruitful for you — if you do it right. Eliminating prospects who are not serious or not able to buy means you're optimizing the amount of time you spend on those who actually want to (and are likely to) buy your product.

Web-Exclusive Content
Accountability Starts And Ends With The Leadership
By Kristen McAlister, Cerius Executives

In growing technology companies, adding team members seems as routine as brushing your teeth in the morning. Logic says the more work you have, the more people you hire, and all of the work gets done.

Why Your On-Site Employees Can Benefit From A Remote Mentality
By Abby Sorensen, software executive

Wildbit CEO Natalie Nagele shares her insights on the effectiveness of a remote workforce and the in-office mentality that focuses on maximizing efficiency.


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