Case Study

Yesware Gives Fundbox Back 1 Hour / Rep / Day

Source: Yesware


Fundbox is dedicated to helping small businesses grow by giving them access to credit that doesn’t require a personal credit score to get started. It uses cutting-edge technology, data science, and common sense to give small businesses access to previously unattainable financial options.


Sales reps were tasked with more leads than humanly possible to follow-up with

As with any startup, Fundbox is hungry for rapid growth.

Scaling up business starting back in 2013 meant dealing reps hefty lead flow goals: thousands per person per month.

Not only did this make it difficult for two-handed reps with under ten hours each day — but it threatened a reality of diluted messaging.

Think of taffy being made, spreading thinner and thinner as it’s stretched farther apart.

That’s what happens with marketing messaging as you add team members, leads, and time.

On top of that, sales leaders like Basile Senesi at Fundbox had no way to see email conversion patterns over time. They could see in Salesforce which open opportunities converted to closed deals, but there was no way to track how email engagement played into that.