BlueStar is the leading global distributor of solutions-based Digital Identification, Mobility, Point-of-Sale, RFID, Digital Signage, Network Infrastructure, and Security technology. BlueStar works exclusively with value-added resellers, providing them with complete solutions, business development and marketing support. The company brings unequaled expertise to the market, offers award-winning technical support and is an authorized service center for a growing number of manufacturers. BlueStar is the exclusive distributor for the In-a-Box Solutions Series, delivering hardware, software and critical accessories in one bundle with technology solutions across all verticals.


  • 4 Ways to Overcome End-User Resistance To Adopting RFID
    4 Ways to Overcome End-User Resistance To Adopting RFID

    Radio frequency identification (RFID) isn’t new, but it’s still a new application for many different verticals across the channel. While some businesses have been eager and interested to adopt the technology, it has overall been a difficult sell for many other end-users.

  • What Is A Smart City, And Why Should I Care?
    What Is A Smart City, And Why Should I Care?

    The technology world is full of buzzwords, and our channel is no exception to this rule. As soon as one term becomes demystified, two more spring up in its place. Just when you thought you understood what the Internet of Things is and how it could impact your business, the term ‘smart city’ starts getting kicked around.

  • The Digital Transformation Is Maturing
    The Digital Transformation Is Maturing

    Digital transformation, the evolving pursuit of innovative business models, is fueled by evolving technologies, and analytics. Bundled together, this is used to create new value and experiences for customers, employees, and stakeholders. The digital transformation works to integrate all social, mobile and web investments to deliver an integrated, frictionless, omni-channel experience. Another goal of this transformation is to modernize IT infrastructure and technologies with increased agility, flexibility, manageability and security. All in all, digital transformation is the response to ever-changing digital world that we live in. When preparing for a digital workplace in any environment, it’s important to follow the three P’s (People, Products and Processes).

  • Telehealth: Top 3 Trends For 2019
    Telehealth: Top 3 Trends For 2019

    Telehealth and telemedicine have brought a lot of opportunity to the table, or better yet, your device screens, in the past year. From enabling clinicians to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients remotely all in convenient time frames, the need for WebMD and waiting in line at germ-infested waiting rooms is no longer prevalent. Expanding on this basis, these solutions are also benefitting those who perhaps don’t have access to their local primary health practice or pediatrician. Looking into the new year, here’s what people can expect to receive in the Telehealth market.

  • Scariest Cyberthreats Within The Payments Industry

    Unfortunately, most hackers inhabit the payment processing industry. Ironically so, as consumers grow more digitally accepting as a community, hackers and viruses evolve as well. Though these cyberthreats can be terrifying, security experts have trademarked dozens of anti-virus packages and sound loopholes to help consumers out of these damaging and perhaps even life-threatening situations.

  • Payment Processing Trends ISVs Should Not Ignore

    Payment processing has come a long way within the past couple of years. With the new year among us, it’s important to be aware of the forecasted trends that will rock your world, especially if you’re an ISV. Take a glimpse at these five predictions for payment direction in 2019.

  • Mobile Printing Trends For ISVs To Monitor

    For the ISVs who develop software applications for their clients, they need to determine that the mobile printing solutions can be easily integrated into the client’s everyday workplace operations. Disruptions are a weekly occurrence in vertical markets and it’s important to craft out and sell solutions that are as agile to meet the ever-changing demand of one’s clients. ISVs can stay on top of their game by keeping mindful of the these quarter’s top trends in mobile printing, throughout every spectrum of the channel.

  • How ISVs Can Stay Ahead In Digital Workplaces

    Will software applications remain as relevant as the digital workplace evolves? This is a question that many ISVs find themselves asking as we push forward in the digital age. As a demand for updated software and hardware solutions is heightened in the workplace, ISVs will need to find ways to allow end-users to conduct business more efficiently and profitably. The trends of the modern digital workplace are meant for creating action-oriented work processes and models that give the employee more responsibility instead of creating more detailed and ineffective processes. Here are some of the ways ISVs can get ahead in crafting digital capabilities for their end-users.

  • Advice For ISVs Targeting The Restaurant Industry

    For those ISVs entering into the restaurant industry, you may not know where to begin. The food and beverage industry is always evolving and here’s all that ISVs need to know to stay in the know about their prospective market. 

  • 7 Essentials For Any ISV's Website

    Creating a website can always be a tricky thing, especially if you’re an ISV. You want to be sure you have all of the best information on your page, while not overwhelming viewers with excessive text. In order to target our prospective buyer to generate inbound traffic and leads, these 7 tips are key performers for an effective website. Calling all ISVs, this one is for you!

  • 3 Tips For Building The Best Reseller Channel

    Perhaps it’s fair to say that ISVs can find themselves at a crossroads when it comes to how and where to market their software products. A reseller channel can have pros and cons .

  • 6 Steps For Creating Customer Surveys

    One of the best ways for ISVs to succeed in this industry is through following a simple step to collect information you may otherwise not know. Watch as you conduct customer surveys, because you’ll soon find yourself collecting several pages of feedback to help make improvements and adjustments on your services. It helps each department in the long run. Trust in the process.

  • 5 Security Trends For ISVs For 2019

    Daily life brings risk, in many forms. With criminals and hackers constantly finding new ways to breach users’ systems and steal from their pockets, individuals are switching to more modern means of protecting their property. ISVs can benefit off of the chaos by constructing software services that accommodate end-users’ needs and contribute to less security rifts. The 5 security trends listed below are assisting users with smarter, faster and more effective ways to secure their property and to better control and monitor those who have access.

  • 5 Retail Trends To Watch In 2019

    With the economy prospering and consumers flowing confidently into the new year, retail trends are scoring high in the opening days of 2019. Though giant retailers, such as Sears, have succumbed to the struggle. Others have still found a way to not bite the dust and flourish, while still finding their niche market. Yes, it’s no question that online sales have impacted physical store retail space. Many brick + mortar stores are thriving into the future.

  • 5 Keys To An ISV's Growth With Retailers

    Here is the main question at stake: Are you doing enough? Are your applications meeting the needs of your customers? Retailers need software solutions that meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving, ultra-competitive industry. These individuals are asking for resources to help win over customers and keep their overarching status. ISVs need a deep understanding of the industry. They also require the ability to develop applications that retailers can utilize to execute their business strategies. Make note of these five retail challenges to address when creating the necessary software for the job.

  • 4 Tips For Leading Your Sales Team

    Whether you identify as an ISV or VAR, you’ll come to find that the growth of your business can be a double ended sword. Though your business may be collecting a following and sales are picking up swiftly, there’s also a fear in that impaling you as you get started. No matter what your size, growth can resemble a nightmare, but it doesn’t have to be like that all the time. Follow these 4 steps for guiding your sales staff down the right direction, if chaos were to ever strike.


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