Revulytics provides software usage analytics that give software vendors visibility into how their products are being used, providing them with actionable intelligence to generate revenue, optimize product development, and make data-driven decisions across their business. Its compliance analytics solution and turnkey services are used by leading software vendors to increase license revenue and globally reduce software piracy. Its usage analytics solution provides valuable insight into product usage and environments, enabling product managers and developers to build better products and manage customer health. Revulytics software usage analytics has supported customer compliance programs generating more than $2.1 billion in new license revenue since 2010.


  • Best Practices Of Highly Intelligent License Compliance Managers

    Compliance managers have the daunting challenge of identifying and confronting infringers.This ebook summarizes the key lessons we’ve learned about capturing better data, making informed decisions about it, and efficiently managing the process of transforming infringing users into paying customers.

  • Software License Compliance Playbook

    Like anything else you want to succeed in, compliance programs need a strong game plan – a playbook. You have to set goals, understand the challenges ahead, create a team you can depend on, and develop actionable strategies based on the data that’s available to you.

  • Take The Guesswork Out Of Product Management - Series Part 1 of 3

    As a product management professional, you have ambitious plans for making your software application successful for your customers and for your business. But turning those plans into reality is easier said than done, especially when you lack critical insight into product runtime and customer usage patterns. Your strategic product decisions have far-reaching effects that ripple throughout the customer journey. These decisions should be based on fact — not just anecdotal evidence or gut feelings. However, if you’re like most product managers, you might not have the tools required to make informed decisions based on how customers are actually using your product. Given that 45% of product managers spend the majority of their day deciding what should go into products, this lack of insight could be standing in the way of successfully meeting customer needs.

  • Take A Customer-Centric Approach To Product Management - Series Part 2 of 3

    Being customer-obsessed is essential to delivering successful software products and increasing satisfied customers.  Most software product managers only have access to limited data and anecdotal evidence of product use.  Information that enables you to understand user behavior and make informed decisions that support customer needs is lacking at every stage of the product development process.

  • A Product Manager’s Guide To In-App Messaging - Series Part 3 of 3

    Leveraging anonymous usage data with contextual in-app messages is a better way to engage with your users. By delivering the right message to the right user at the right time, it can dramatically help drive adoption of key features, increase conversion rates, and retain existing customers. All across the customer lifecycle, in-app messages can deliver a better customer experience for better business results.


  • Layered Approach To License Compliance

    Strengthen your license compliance strategy. Software piracy remains a $43B challenge. Traditionally, software vendors have turned to four common approaches to piracy: licensing systems, software protection, internal compliance, and legal action. In this whitepaper, learn how compliance usage analytics can significantly strengthen your overall license compliance strategy, and how layering compliance analytics with your current techniques can add value to each of them, helping you transform surprisingly large numbers of pirates into paying customers.

  • Privacy, Piracy, And Product Usage: GDPR Readiness For Software Usage Analytics

    Tension exists between a person’s right to privacy and an organization’s right to collect personal information for the protection from fraud and improvement of their intellectual property. An organization can achieve balance by considering the laws and regulations in place within the jurisdictions where the organization’s products may be used.

  • Top Findings From The Revulytics Product Management Survey

    We asked the product management community about software usage data. This report shows what they told us. Gartner has predicted that by 2021, 75% of software providers will rely on insights from embedded software usage analytics to inform product management decisions and measure customer health.

  • Software Usage analytics Buyer’s Guide

    Software usage analytics arms product management and marketing professionals with answers and insights to crucial questions about user environments, prospect evaluation and buying cycles, product trial conversions, renewals and upgrades, feature usage, and software reliability.

  • Build Or Buy? Key Considerations In Implementing Software Usage Analytics

    Development teams are challenged to build increasingly competitive products, but they must overcome difficult tradeoffs to do so. They must prioritize a mounting backlog of new feature requests, balance innovation with maintenance, manage growing technical debt, improve quality and usability, accelerate delivery, and reduce cost — all at the same time.