Software App Notes & Case Studies

  1. Health Scores And Automation Increase Team Productivity – A Success Story

    Untappd is a growing technology platform that allows consumers to ‘check in’ and share which beers they are currently enjoying. Besides creating a tight-knit community of beer enthusiasts, Untappd’s mobile application allows for tens of thousands of businesses to promote and publish their beverage menus.  By bringing together enthusiasts and businesses, Untappd is advancing the global beverage industry while helping users discover their next great beer.

  2. Robin Supports 200% Sales Team Growth With Yesware’s Salesforce Sync

    Robin Powered is a meeting booking system used by companies like Netflix, Kayak, and Sonos to manage reservations of office conference & call rooms. Downloaded on iPads that are mounted outside meeting rooms, Robin helps employees to wrangle last minute rooms, check into pre-scheduled meetings, and avoid double-booking across the team.

  3. Adding Sales Automation Frees Up 4,200 Hours/Month For Mimeo

    Mimeo’s VP of Sales was frustrated — and so was the rest of the team. They wanted their time back and they needed insight where they had none. Here's what they did about it.

  4. Yesware Gives Fundbox Back 1 Hour / Rep / Day

    Fundbox is dedicated to helping small businesses grow by giving them access to credit that doesn’t require a personal credit score to get started. It uses cutting-edge technology, data science, and common sense to give small businesses access to previously unattainable financial options.

  5. Movable Ink Deploys 12-Touch Drip Campaign Powered By Touchpoints

    Movable Ink works with email marketers to increase their ROI by sending better email through dynamic and contextually relevant content.

  6. Acquia Adopts ‘Predictable Revenue’ Strategy

    Acquia is a CMS platform for building, delivering, and optimizing digital experiences with agility and speed. The company provides cloud-based solutions for content, community and commerce across the world and its sales team spans four continents.

  7. How TechSmith Improves Products And User Experience While Growing Sales Via More Trial Conversions, Upgrades, Renewals, And Cross-Selling

    TechSmith regularly surveyed customers, but wanted to augment that data with comprehensive quantitative insight into product usage. Its own data collection system contained no reporting or analytics, frustrating product teams and the technical professionals tasked with operating and maintaining it. “Whenever we had a question our product teams had to ask a developer to stop work and write an SQL query," a strategy lead explained. Here's how TechSmith uses Revulytics to solve this challenge (and others).

  8. Usage Analytics: Extensis Uses Revulytics Usage Data To Embed A Quantifiable “Voice of the Customer” Throughout Development

    Extensis® is a leading developer of solutions that help organizations increase the ROI and value of their digital assets, fonts, and large imagery. Used by more than 100,000 professionals and 5,000 companies across the globe, Extensis' solutions accelerate workflows so customers can achieve their goals faster. Extensis Uses Revulytics Usage Data to Embed a Quantifiable “Voice of the Customer” Throughout Development.

  9. Usage Analytics: Revulytics Helps CNC Software Dramatically Accelerate Mastercam® UI Redesign

    CNC Software knew it needed detailed product usage data to accelerate development, improve focus on the customer, and innovate more effectively. For several years, it had attempted to capture usage data through a homebuilt software usage analytics package, but found that it took far too much time and effort to visualize, analyze, and report on the terabytes of data it was generating.

  10. Usage Analytics: Solibri Applies Immediate And Actionable Usage Insights To Build Higher-Value Construction Software

    Today, construction firms are faster to recognize the benefits of innovative technology, says Solibri Product Manager Juan Rodriguez. But the far-reaching nature of Solibri’s users – professionals in multiple disciplines, on every continent – has made it hard to get timely and complete customer feedback. Solibri wanted a much better understanding of how our typical users are engaging with the software through anonymous usage data. If they created a new feature, was it successful? Has it been adopted? Why, or why not?”