Software App Notes & Case Studies

  1. Deciding When To Eliminate Old Features And Versions That Make It Harder To Evolve Your Product

    Can I dump an old feature that complicates UI changes?

  2. Deciding When To End-Of-Life A Product

    When can we drop support for an older version and reallocate those product development resources?

  3. Using Targeted In-Application Messaging To Convert More Trial Users To Paying Customers

    A software company faced a common problem. It was extremely dissatisfied with the number of trial users who converted to paying customers: only 20 sales per 1,000 downloads. And, it was wasting sales resources on low quality leads.

  4. Why Usage Data Is Essential For Embedding “Voice of the Customer” In Your Agile Development Process

    How a software company with 100,000+ users eliminated costly customer surveys, home-grown data sources, and unnecessary reporting tools – and started saving $10,000-$20,000 per release in QA costs – by implementing Revulytics usage data.

  5. From Order To Invoicing And Beyond: Profitero Streamlines SaaS Financial Operations

    Everywhere you look, eCommerce is booming—loudly. 64 cents of every dollar spent in retail stores are now influenced by digital interactions. Yet, for all the growth—and all the tools available to retailers and brands for managing the digital shelf—there are precious few ways to generate the strategic insights that drive decisive, successful actions.

  6. How SkyWire POS Took Charge Of Subscription Management

    Skywire POS went from spreadsheets to a subscription management tool, and then realized their headaches weren't over yet. Here's what they did to get a handle on financial operations.

  7. The Journey To Scalable SaaS Finance Operations

    Why a SaaS startup backed by Facebook investors transitioned from an outside CPA firm and manual spreadsheets to a scalable solution with quick, easy access to basic and advanced financial metrics.

  8. How A Leading Edtech Saas Company Ditched Spreadsheets To Track Revenue With Unprecedented Efficiency

    Learn how SaaSOptics is able to provide clear financial visibility to steer a fast growth SaaS company, remove spreadsheet headaches and deliver efficiency, scale and real-time visibility.

  9. Best-In-Class Financial Metrics Drive Smarter Decisions And More Confident Board Meetings

    SaaSOptics has given Driven Insights the visibility and accurate financials to generate clean revenue recognition calculations, capture clean churn metrics and easily run additional reports as required for management and Board meetings.

  10. New Opportunities For ISVs With Expanded Innovations In POS Technology

    As a new, lighter POS approach emerges,solutions no longer depend on PCs to operate. This opens significant opportunities for ISVs to help clients weigh options and make decisions. And in helping their customers, ISVs will help themselves.