Featured Software Articles

  1. The Art And Science Of Modern Marketing

    Today, marketing is a combination of art and science. A good marketer needs to be a data scientist of sorts, understanding and acting upon the data driving their campaigns success. But, as in the past, a marketer also needs to be an artist, coming up with creative ways to get their message or brand noticed in the noisy market.

  2. Secrets To A CCO’s Success At Demandbase

    Trish Sparks is an experienced customer success leader who is passionate about enabling customer success. She recently took time to answer questions for Software Business Growth about Demandbase, her role as CCO, what she’d do with another workday added to the week, and more.

  3. Why Your Software Company Needs A Multidisciplinary CTO

    Your software company’s Chief Technology Officer is inevitably one of the most important people on your leadership team. Whether you are looking to hire your first CTO or replace an outgoing one, you want to make sure the right type of person fills the role.

  4. 6 Mistakes Software Companies Make With Channel Programs

    Building an indirect sales channel is not easy, and it takes time and effort to do this correctly. In building our channel at MicroBiz, here are a few lessons we learned.

  5. A BI Software Company’s Podcast Marketing Playbook

    Last year, with a scant six months of content marketing experience under my belt and absolutely no background in radio or audio production, I recorded my company’s first-ever proprietary podcast episode. I wrote about why in part one of this series. Here, though, I’d like to focus on how we got started so that those of you interested in establishing your own business podcasts can have a template to work from. This playbook is by no means an exhaustive step-by-step but will nevertheless help guide your process.

  6. 4 Strategies To Manage SaaS Customer Payment Issues

    Many SaaS companies operate with limited working capital or cash-in-hand. This can cause cash flow problems, especially in the early years of business. The cash flow trough is especially pronounced for SaaS businesses because of the need to spend so much capital on development and marketing early in the life of the business. When you are already walking a fine line with expenses, lack of payments from customers can quickly make matters a lot worse. These four tactics will help solve many of the payment issues that SaaS companies face.

  7. Assessing Your Software Application's Business Logic

    For users, a proper business logic is the guarantee of a clear, working application — they understand it, they like it, and want to use it. For the application owner, a proper business logic guarantees a customer will return — it’s all about customer loyalty.

  8. The Key To SaaS Start-Up Success: Value Your True North

    What is your software company’s true north? When the going gets tough and the confusion swirls, what is the axis of orientation that helps you find your way forward? It’s about following your product, not your heart.

  9. Employee Bonus Programs: Advice From 5 Software CEOs

    I recently got an email from a reader asking if we had any content about employee bonus structures, so I reached out to a few CEOs and founders of successful software companies to see how they approach bonuses. Here’s what they had to say.

  10. Excite, Enable And Execute: The Critical Role Of Partner Engagement

    Success comes in many forms, but a significant area of importance for business growth is the building and maintenance of collaborative partnerships. If a small business is built on a model that cannot sustain more than a handful of clients at any one time, how do you scale?