Featured Software Articles

  1. 5 Ways To Set The Perfect KPIs For Growth

    Key Performance Indicators — or KPIs — are a tried and true method of tracking business employed by some of the most successful firms in the software industry. And applying KPIs to your business can be much easier than you might imagine

  2. How To Create A Successful Exit For Your Software Company

    I work with many successful CEOs and business owners every day and one of the important questions is, “How do I create a successful exit for my company?" I have been fortunate as a CEO for private and public companies to prepare the way for this to logically occur.

  3. What You Missed At The Business of Software Conference

    The Business of Software conference – and the community of attendees that stays engaged year-round beyond the event – provided a long list of takeaways for everyone fortunate enough to attend. Here are some of the high-level themes I took away from my three days in Boston earlier this month.

  4. 6 Signs You Need To Outsource Instead Of DIYing

    As your company grows, the need for experts increases. At some point, you’ll likely need help with an area you don’t know much about, whether that’s human resources, a help desk, or mailroom services. When you reach that point, you have two choices: Hire an employee or outsource. How do you know which one is the right choice? Here are six signs outsourcing is the way to go.

  5. Takeaways From The Business Of Software Conference

    “10 percent slower and 10 percent lower quality is hard to detect, but it will kill the company in two years.” That was just one of my favorite quotes from the 2018 Business of Software conference. Read on for 7 more quick takeaways.

  6. Digital Transformation: Best Practices For Managing Change

    Seasoned leaders at software organizations know the rise of the digital experience means they must reevaluate their operations to effectively leverage digitally-connected products and services, assets, people, and trading partners. With worldwide spending on digital transformation technologies hitting $1.3 trillion in 2017, it’s clear this is a priority. But with change, especially in digital transformation, strategic management is necessary to achieve lasting results and meet long-term business goals.

  7. Your Software Business Needs Raving Fans

    Software was still being shrink wrapped when Kenneth Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles published Raving Fans: A Revolutionary Approach To Customer Success in 1993. Fast forward 15 years later, and I’d still rate the time-tested theories in this book as a 10 out of 10. Here's why.

  8. Software Entrepreneur Q&A: Recruiters, Managing People, & What Startups Can Learn From Oracle

    I recently interviewed the co-founder/CEO of a software company whose headcount scaled from 16 to 140 people, expanded internationally, and reached profitability – all since 2014. He told me much of this success can be attributed to a talk he heard at the Business of Software (BoS) conference. In fact, he called this talk “life changing” for him and his company. That “life changing” speaker will be back at BoS in 2018: Michael “Mikey” Trafton will be presenting, “How to Manage Your Badass Team.” It’s an appropriate follow up to his 2012 talk, “How to Build a World Class Culture in 3 Easy Steps,” and to his 2012 encore, “Recruiting a Bad Ass Team.” 

  9. The Biggest Software Company Culture Mistake (& Other Advice From A Tech CEO)

    Before Isa Watson launched a software company, she earned a Master’s in Pharmacology from Cornell and an MBA from MIT’s Sloan School of Management. Then she spent time as a chemist and data scientist at Pfizer, followed by a job on Wall Street as the VP of Digital Product & Strategy for JPMorgan Chase. Her background alone is fascinating enough to make you read what she has to say about running a tech startup. Watson’s talk, “Making Workplaces Work For Humans,” will be a highlight of the Business of Software conference on October 1-3 in Boston. She sat down with Software Executive magazine and SoftwareBusinessGrowth.com before the conference to share a preview of her talk.

  10. Customer Support Tips For Small Software Companies

    As the company’s one and only employee, Chris Muench admits it can be tough to go from coding to support calls, and then back to coding. Interruptions for customer support are a fact of life for solo entrepreneurs, and Muench offers some sound advice for his peers at other small software companies.