Featured Software Articles

  1. 10 Tips For Creating A Winning Webinar Invitation

    What if you give a webinar and nobody shows up? This won’t happen if you send your prospects a motivating webinar invitation that’s heavy on benefits. This article, loaded with practical tips, will show you how.

  2. as-a-Service — The Primary Driver Behind Channel 2.0

    As we look to 2019, channel partners will need to continue to enhance their service offerings as new technologies emerge and as business systems transform. While there are sure to be a number of factors that will drive new channel services and solutions, we can expect the following four to prompt the most significant changes to solutions providers and MSPs.

  3. Harnessing Centers Of Influence: A Targeted Growth Strategy

    They are the people who are most important to your company’s success and on-going growth. Their well-honed interpersonal skills, nuanced business acumen, and targeted enthusiasm allow them to catapult you far ahead of your closest competitors. And yet, if you are like most software company leaders you don’t really know who these people are.

  4. Advice For Marketing IT Services & Solutions To Retailers

    Jamie Gray is Director, Marketing for LOC Software where he is responsible for planning, developing, and implementing branding strategies for North & Latin America. LOC Software delivers solutions designed to allow more frequent, profitable, and manageable transactions. Jamie took time to talk with VARinsights.com about how to – and how not to – market in retail, channel partners, retail trends, and more.

  5. Establishing Strong Relationships Is The Key To Winning RFPs

    For many sales executives, the thought of going through a lengthy request for proposal (RFP) process can be daunting. Any edge you can find that will give you an advantage, even the smallest advantage, is worth pursuing. It’s a cutthroat business where only the strong will survive.

  6. How To Be A B2B2C SaaS Company In 2019 (And More!)

    Bart DeCanne founded Sophatar with a vision of creating a truly novel experience at physical venues by leveraging the various mobile, sensor, video, and audio technologies he worked on for more than 20 years at chip and OEM electronics companies. Recently, Bart took time to answer questions about marketing, product management, and what he wishes he knew when founding Sophatar five years ago, as well as offers advice to software companies looking to start channel programs and selling to the retail and hospitality markets.

  7. Acquisitions The Right Way: ECi Shares The Secrets To Its Success

    Ron Books, president and CEO at ECi Software Solutions, has been integral in helping the company become a global enterprise that does north of $200M in annual revenue. A big part of what fueled ECi’s growth was acquisitions, including the September 2018 acquisition of Vineyardsoft Corporation. Ron took time recently to speak with Software Business Growth about this acquisition, processes for onboarding new employees, and more.

  8. Ploys — What You Need To Know To Win In Negotiation (Or At Least Not Lose)

    Any ploy has the right timing for execution, the right way of execution, and an effective countermeasure. The secret of negotiating with a person who uses ploys is to be aware of them and to identify them. Once you know one has been used, you will see a way to counteract it.

  9. 9 Tips For Hiring Software Engineers At Scale

    Finding just one right-fit software engineer is hard enough, so what happens when you need to hire engineers at scale?

  10. SaaS Sales Automation Is A Very Expensive Failure

    Fewer SaaS reps are making quota. Published sources credibly report over 50 percent of reps do not make quota at all. Sales automation cannot overcome fundamental market changes. Why?