Featured Software Articles

  1. Avoiding Legacy System Architecture Traps

    Legacy systems are more than just old software — any technology can earn that label from release day. Software architects are vulnerable to certain pressures and biases. Here’s how to avoid trapping your company or customers with problematic systems by making better architecture decisions.

  2. Life Sciences: A Target-Rich Environment For Tech

    A bit earlier this month, I had a unique opportunity to travel with a few of my colleagues to the BIO International Convention in Philadelphia. It’s a large conference and exposition, attended by some 17,000 life sciences professionals from 67 different countries. The event focuses largely on the pharma industry. Exhibitors and attendees span the gamut from biopharmaceutical manufacturing equipment builders to therapeutic research scientists to contract pharmaceutical manufacturers. It was a strange new place for a 20-year IT writer. What in the world was I doing there?

  3. Partners: Critical Allies For Innovation, Growth And Opportunity

    Adding a partner program or partner focus to an organizational sales model is by this point table stakes. These critical allies can help vendors break into a new geography, strengthen offerings within a particular vertical, increase brand recognition and diversify and grow revenue.

  4. How To Drive Breakthrough Channel Performance

    What are the secrets to driving breakthrough channel performance? That was the topic of my Channel Journeys podcast with Josh Lewis, Vice President of Global Channel Sales at Alteryx, a rapidly growing provider of a data science and analytics platform.

  5. Business Development Is Too Critical To Be Left To Corporate Politicians

    Business development is one of the most currently needed roles in tech B2B yet is often handicapped by having the least talented people inhabiting it.

  6. The Chief Revenue Officer: A King Without A Country?

    In some ways, serving as CRO is about being a person without a country or a king without a kingdom. Having the optimal focus and proper tools can greatly add to CRO success by forming a virtual kingdom that provides the resources to make an impact.

  7. Relocation And Migration: Finding Your IT Movers

    Organizations embracing hybrid IT that requires workloads to be moved between infrastructures can often feel like they are packing up and moving to a new house on a regular basis. But with security, integration, and protection concerns being front and center when it comes to movement, does it really make sense to take all of your workloads with you?

  8. The Startup Lifecycle: How To Win At Each Stage

    The secret to becoming a successful startup lies in knowing your strengths and weaknesses and overcoming all the obstacles you will face along your journey. Preparation is key. Having the right help from the right people at the right time is the magic bullet.

  9. 3 Key Ingredients For Channel Marketing Success

    Just because you build an awesome partner program with super cool channel marketing tools, it doesn’t mean your partners will be running out of the corn fields to use them.

  10. Solving Technical Recruiting Challenges Through International Expansion

    After exhausting our local recruiting options — from hiring firms to online job-boards — it was clear we needed to look into new markets to build out our team. That’s when we began thinking about international expansion.