Featured Software Articles

  1. Driving Channel Manager Performance Through Automation

    Channel Account Managers (CAMs) have a difficult and complex role. In the same day they often play the role of sales rep, marketing advisor, business consultant, and general manager. But many CAMs are “flapping in the wind,” as Gary Morris, founder of Successful Channels commented in a recent Channel Journeys podcast interview. They often make up their own processes and templates for important tasks, while wasting time with manual administrative work.

  2. Custom App Development Best Practices

    Every time we build a custom app from scratch, our biggest task is defining the scope. A custom app can do anything and everything, but what you choose to include and exclude has to be logical.

  3. Setting The Stage For Small Business Growth: The Why, How, And What

    Starting a software company takes vision and drive. Managing it long-term takes organization, focus, and teamwork. But none of us are born with a switch to turn on the new skills, and there is no flashing light telling us exactly what to do and when. The best we can do is recognize how our business is maturing and scaling, then adapt.

  4. 6 Trends Shaping Enterprise Software Development

    Technology evolves at a fast pace and the enterprise software industry isn't immune. With that in mind, here are six major trends shaping the enterprise software development space in 2019 and beyond.

  5. Why Content Marketing Fails

    Traditional content marketing is all about not messing up anyone’s hair. There is almost never a position taken; a vibrant, new, interesting point of view put forward.

  6. How To Thrive After 30 Years In Business

    Started on January 2, 1989 in the basement of President’s Jim Wieland basement, JW Software has grown into a nationally recognized Claims Administration and RMIS Software Partner that continues to grow both in sales and staff. Jim, who had been working in the software industry for several years until starting JW Software, took time recently to speak with Software Business Growth about what it takes to be in business more than 30 years, challenges facing the industry today, and more.

  7. Building Stronger Customer Relationships At Wodify

    Ameet Shah, CEO and creator of Wodify, took time discuss the thinking behind has company's customer success planning.

  8. Leveraging Online Pre-Buying To Reach More Customers

    Unless they are starting a new restaurant for the first time, there’s a good chance operators know what tools they need, and have used some, if not all, of those tools before. Many operators are looking to change or upgrade what they have and seek efficiency that is also cost-effective. The bottom line of what they need to know is how will these tools integrate into their overall tech portfolio to deliver the optimal.

  9. What The Navy Taught Me About Leadership

    I worked for the U.S. Navy as a civilian for 11 years, including during the First Gulf War. Those years were full of change, pressure, and growth, and it had a big impact on the leadership style I use today.

  10. Remote Control: How To Keep An International Workforce In Sync

    The CEO and cofounder of a rapidly growing enterprise software company explains how its mission and culture adapt to encompass team members across seven offices in two countries.