ISV Featured Articles

  1. Strategic Issues And Risks In Achieving Success With Customer Success

    Many organizations are extremely internally focused when it comes to developing and delivering Customer Success (CS) services. They are casting a blind-eye towards what others are doing in CS and how this impacts both the SaaS vendors and their customers. CS is quickly evolving from relatively unknown in the industry to a competitive differentiator for those vendors that do it well. However, as the field continues to evolve and mature, it will become a required service that customers expect.

  2. Why You Need To Stop Using Job Descriptions When Hiring Executives

    Hiring is a forward-facing activity, not backward-facing. Job descriptions tend to be like the kitchen junk drawer — they accumulate all the activities, gaps, tasks, and responsibilities that currently don’t have a home in an organization or that need a responsible owner.

  3. The Reality Of Selling Your Software Business Is Harder Than It Seems

    My inbox is bombarded with a daily stream of news about tech acquisitions. I know the mainstream tech media is obligated to cover the biggest of the big deals, but to me the headlines about billion dollar exits aren’t painting an accurate picture of just how difficult it can be to sell your software company.

  4. It’s Time To Embrace The Triple Bottom Line

    Today, a growing number of customers, shareholders, and employees want to buy from, invest in, and work for companies that instill social and environmental responsibility into every aspect of their products and services, as well as generate a measurable positive impact. In this light, business decisions that are singularly focused on financial gains leave substantial social and environmental value on the table. They also introduce the multi-faceted risks of inaction.

  5. When Building An Overseas VAR Network, Culture Matters

    The decision to sell your company’s technologies through a VAR, much less which VAR to partner with, is not an easy one. Nevertheless, I believe there are several points in favor of U.S.-based companies looking to expand internationally to establish an overseas VAR program.

  6. Debating Software Company Growth Strategies

    If you haven’t read Bill Boebel’s “A better way to fund SaaS companies” article on VentureBeat, stop what you’re doing, click on the link in this article, and soak in his perspective. I hope this post from the CEO and founder of Pingboard goes viral in the software community. More on this later.

  7. 5 Added Benefits Of GDPR Compliance

    The realm of the GDPR’s impact extends far beyond the EU; the GDPR applies to all foreign and domestic businesses that hold any form of personal data pertaining to EU citizens, whether they're customers, employees, or other stakeholders. Despite the GDPR's strict requirements organizations like yours may find many advantages as they move toward compliance. Here are just a few of the added benefits of becoming GDPR-compliant.

  8. Majority Of Business Not Fully Prepared For GDPR

    Despite a two-year grace window companies were allotted to prepare for GDPR compliance when the regulation was first approved in 2016, a recent survey study — GDPR Readiness Survey — shows very few are 100 percent compliant. In fact, the survey found only 29 percent of participants were actually aware of the GDPR; 44 percent said they were somewhat aware; and 29 percent said they were completely unaware.

  9. New Podcast For ISVs: Recapping The Challenger Sale

    My addiction to podcasts is why I jumped at the opportunity to join a POS industry-specific podcast venture with industry veterans Jim Roddy of Worldpay, Sean Buckley of Vend,  and Jeremy Julianof CBS NorthStar  We plan to read a book and discuss its applications to POS resellers and software companies on a regular basis. Our first episode is a discussion about The Challenger Sale: Taking Control of the Customer Conversation by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson.

  10. 5 Software Business Lessons Learned From Binge Watching Silicon Valley

    Here are five lessons software companies of any size can learn from the cast of Silicon Valley. If I could have sat down with the fictional founder and CEO of Pied Piper, Richard Hendricks, when the show first aired in 2014, I would have given him a handful and Software Executive magazine articles.