Featured Software Articles

  1. Why You Should Seriously Consider Investing In SaaS

    As a small business owner, you are often faced with decisions that can have tremendous impact on your company. Any choice that involves spending money – even minimal – must therefore be carefully considered. Investing in new technology is a big move for any company, especially a small-to-medium sized business (SMB), so it’s important to seek solutions that offer the greatest return on your dollar.

  2. Software And Intellectual Property Law: 4 Questions Every Software Business Should Ask Themselves

    As software creeps its way into every facet of our lives, many industries that were previously untouched by computers are now using the power of computing to innovate and stay competitive in the marketplace. While computer software may bring efficiency and computational power to such industries, it also brings complexity. The creation and use of software is closely tied to many intellectual property law concerns that go beyond that “End User License Agreement” everyone claims to have read when they check the box.

  3. 3 Ways To Better Enable Your Software Sales Team

    Modern-day sales professionals are faced with developing the next wave of successful leaders without having enough time or resources to attend to each representative’s needs.

  4. Software License Audits: Vendors Are From Mars, Customer Are From Venus

    Audit clauses are a necessary part of enterprise software license agreements, but can often strain even the best customer relationships. It is rare to enter an agreement without the intention of living up to its terms, so when a vendor makes the often difficult decision to invoke an audit clause, customers often feel that they are being wrongly accused of acting in bad faith.

  5. Digital Banks Targeted In Account Takeover Scams

    Financial services companies always have been primary targets for scammers, with account takeover the ultimate prize. If successful, phishing scams reward attackers with sensitive data they can use for financial gain, identity theft, or brand damage.

  6. How To Develop A Customer Health Score

    Determining the health of a particular customer’s account is easy when you are first starting out as a business. With a small customer base you have the opportunity to work closely with each individual customer. This allows you to better understand how they are feeling about your product or service. But as your business grows, so does your customer base. When you have more customers, it becomes nearly impossible to manage each relationship on a personal level. This is why a customer health score is crucial for a growing SMB.

  7. Acquisition Success: Taking On Amazon

    In 2017, POS Nation was exploring selling point of sale systems in the Amazon realm. It was territory that we had little to no experience in, but we knew that developing a presence on Amazon was a natural fit for our online sales strategy. Selling on Amazon seems simple. But just because you list your products on the marketplace, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re easy for customers to find.

  8. How To Design A Partner-Friendly User Conference

    There are several reasons for channel partners to attend a vendor user conference—despite these events being catered (often exclusively) to the customer’s experience. Partners can benefit from user conferences in the same way that customers do, from product education and sales strategy to relationship building. That is, if vendors actively design the event to serve their partner attendees as well.

  9. Company Culture — So You Don’t Ask The Important Questions

    Company culture. Wow. Is there anything more undefinable? Perhaps you know one when you see one? The younger, more hip, or trying to act hip a company is, the more it seems to tout its culture. Some firms actually have cultures. These are not created by Chief Culture Officers; they grow organically as any culture does – through long term interactions among people.

  10. How To Become Channel Influencer Of The Year

    While we all get a buzz tracking our likes and follows, that’s not an accurate measure of our influence inside or outside our organizations. That is just one of the many tips I learned chatting with Janet Schijns, the 2019 Channel Influencer of the Year, on my Channel Journeys podcast.