Featured Software Articles

  1. How To Make SaaS Partnerships Profitable

    The partner landscape is very different from it was just 10 years ago. Old channel labels like VAR and System Integrator no longer make much sense. A reseller is just as likely to also be a referral partner and a developer. And the compensation and incentive models vary depending on the role the partner is playing.

  2. Using Legacy Security For Cloud-Transformation Is Not Working

    The lesson is clear:  you cannot digitally transform apps using legacy technology tools and legacy security models of the data center.

  3. An Outsider’s View To Starting A Software Company

    Justin Rae is founder of Cinch, a marketing automation specifically designed for service businesses to support and reward existing, loyal customers, win back old ones, and reach new ones. Justin spoke with Software Business Growth about starting a software company with no software development background, how to stand out from competitors, and what advice he has for software companies selling solutions to the retail/hospitality industries.

  4. WFS Market Spotlight: AI Enablement

    AI skill sets are scarce and demand for new business applications is ever-increasing.  How can you take advantage of the next wave in AI Enablement?  What’s changed, and what’s on the horizon?  Who are the buyers in AI M&A, which technologies are in high demand?

  5. 5 Ways Email Targeting Can Help Advertisers Overcome Cookie Dependence

    For companies looking to overcome their dependence on cookies, and avoid missing out on the wealth of data from Chrome (and other browser) users, here are five reasons email-based targeting is the solution.

  6. The 5 Myths Of Developer Platforms

    How can software vendors shift from delivering products to delivering business outcomes? It requires vertical market expertise, an understanding of the business challenges in that vertical, and a completely different go-to-market strategy.

  7. What’s Next For SaaS: 2 Trends Likely To Disrupt The Software-as-a-Service Landscape

    Major players have positioned themselves as SaaS market leaders, with names like Microsoft, Salesforce, and Oracle dominating their respective spaces. Meanwhile, many other SaaS product categories are bursting at their seams. So, should we believe that the market is already established? What, if anything, is next for SaaS?

  8. Ready, Set, Launch: Tips For Building A Successful Reseller Onboarding Program

    Whether your software business is in start-up mode or well established, the decision to sell through resellers can be a difficult — but potentially game-changing — business strategy. Execution of your reseller distribution model is critical, and extensive thought and planning are required.

  9. Are You Asking The Right Channel Questions?

    The Channel is changing rapidly, and we need to be able to adapt and change with it. Creating positive change depends on the questions we are asking ourselves and others.

  10. Channel Partner Advice From A SaaS Company That Added 1,800+ Resellers In Less Than Two Years

    ID Agent’s partner program has grown to 1,800+ partners in 21 countries in less than two years since this SaaS company started selling through the channel. Kevin Lancaster, CEO/Founder, and Matt Solomon, VP of Business Development, sat down with SoftwareBusinessGrowth.com to discuss partner support, onboarding, hiring for a channel team, and marketing. For more about the story of ID Agent’s successful channel launch and growth, see the August/September 2019 issue of Software Executive magazine.