ISV Guest Contributors

  1. Scaling Customer Feedback

    Receptive CEO, Hannah Chaplin, recently spoke with Chartmogul’s Ed Shelley about scaling customer feedback.

  2. What A CIO Needs To Know About Cloud Security

    Major data breaches are no longer a rare occurrence in the business world. It comes as no surprise, under those circumstances, that cybersecurity in general is a hot topic. With cloud-based solutions becoming so widely used, cloud security is one of the primary concerns of IT professionals.

  3. Hosted Payment Pages: Should SaaS Companies Use Them?

    Google shows nearly 14 million results in a search for “things that make your life easier,” with the top hit promising 17 items that will give you some extra “me” time every day. A hosted payment page didn’t make the list, but I’d be willing to bet that almost every one of BlueSnap’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) merchants would put it on their own lists of awesome things that make their business lives easier—and better. (Merchants and developers need “me” time, too, right?)

  4. Methods To Scale Your Onboarding Process

    It is widely accepted that successful customer onboarding is essential to user adoption, and user adoption is foundational to driving long-term revenue. In fact, David Skok cites “failure to properly onboard” as one of the two key reasons customers don’t successfully adopt and eventually churn.

  5. Ride The Sales Wave... With Onboarding

    The definitive outcome in a successful channel partnership is to engage and motivate their reps to push your product above the rest on a continuous basis.

  6. Seth Godin on Why You Should Be Marketing Your B2B Product Like A B2C Product

    Seth Godin should need no introduction. He’s the founder of Yoyodyne and Squidoo, and the author of seminal books such as ‘Purple Cow’, ‘Tribes’, and ‘Linchpin’. He writes one of the most popular blogs on the internet, and has recently begun recording one of the most popular podcasts of the year. He’s been writing about marketing longer than some of you have been alive. On top of all this, Seth is a world class communicator. He’s got a knack of boiling complicated concepts down to simple, pithy comments. His recent talk at Business of Software Conference in Boston was no different. Seth talked about 7 lessons he’d learned from 33 years marketing software, and as you can imagine, it’s full of nuggets of wisdom.

  7. Understanding And Optimizing Payment Residuals: Drive Down To The Basics

    To better understand the residuals available to an ISV from a payment processing partnership, it’s critical to know how a payment is processed and, even more importantly, to comprehend interchange costs. Interchange encompasses the basic rates set by the credit card brands and represents the cost the processor has to pay on every transaction. But the costs vary among the card brands and as well as whether cards were swiped vs. keyed vs. dipped (EMV chip) vs. a PIN debit transaction.

  8. Balancing Top-Line And Bottom-Line Growth

    Should software companies be more concerned with top-line or bottom-line growth? The honest answer is that you need both.

  9. Experiment Your Way To Positive Customer Outcomes

    The customer is a complex creature, each with their own unique needs and goals. As customer success professionals, now more than ever, we have many tools to understand the state of a user at any single point in time. However, staying on top of all the details that point to customer success is hard. In the ever-expanding customer ecosystem, what are the most critical metrics to track and understand in order to keep customers happy and successful?

  10. Avoiding The Summertime Lull: Why Mentoring Your Team Is Critical To Keeping Production Up Year-Round

    It’s a simple, but effective, equation for growing a company: good months make good quarters, and good quarters make good years.