ISV Industry Insights

  1. Balancing ISV And Vendor Customer Support

    Delivering a positive customer support experience is a must for any business looking to keep customers for the long term. For POS ISVs who maintain relationships with multiple hardware vendors, this can get tricky because it requires tight coordination with the partners.

  2. Balancing ISV And Vendor Customer Support

    Know what makes a new customer want to stay with you? Hint – it’s not the software.

  3. SaaS: Built To Last Or Built To Lose? The Growing Opportunity For On-Premise Vendors

    What is the true demand for enterprise SaaS applications? And if demand isn’t what it seems, what’s the true profitability of SaaS vendors?

  4. How Integrating Payment Technology Will Help ISVs Grow Their Business

    An overview of functionality any would-be payment technology partner should provide.

  5. SaaS KPIs For Every Stage Of Growth

    Using financial and operating metrics as a strategic tool provides the actionable insight you need to achieve your firm’s most important goals: driving growth, profitability and the type of value the market will reward at exit.

  6. Tax Planning For SaaS Companies In 2018

    Steve Sehy from CaaS for SaaS CFO Services, and Tim DuVall, a tax partner at Katz, Sapper & Miller CPA firm, have teamed up  to put together a targeted tax presentation specifically for SaaS companies.

  7. 11 Things To Do Now To Prepare For Your First Audit

    A financial statement audit attested by an independent auditor includes the examination of a company’s financial records that include balance sheet, income statement, statement of cash flows, statement of equity and disclosures by an independent auditor. The audit report indicates fair presentation of the financial statements and related disclosures. Here, we’ll cover the top eleven things you can do today to ensure your first audit goes smoothly.

  8. Five Best Practices For SaaS Renewals — Don’t Miss The Low-Hanging Fruit

    Your full potential as a SaaS business depends on a successful renewals management process. Follow these simple steps to increase your renewals business and identify new upsell and cross-sell opportunities you never knew existed.

  9. Why It's Better To Scale Your Financial Operations Without Spreadsheets

    Sometimes in life, making ends meet is the only option. We’ve all faced situations where doing the thing that is “good enough for now” is the only option. Managing the financial operations of your SaaS business shouldn’t be one of those times. 

  10. Questions You Need To Answer About SaaS Reseller And Partner Channel Agreements

    As your SaaS business grows, you’re going to expand the various ways you sell and market your product. Tapping into new customers through resellers and channel partners is one option many businesses will choose, but as we see with our clients, businesses often struggle to define reseller or channel partner arrangements and financial reporting because there are multiple ways to do so.