ISV Industry Insights

  1. ISV Third-Party Integration Best Practices

    Integration with vendors and third-party applications is crucial to an ISV’s success and scalability. Every sales and development team wants these integrations to be fast and efficient, and payment providers can help ensure that is the case.

  2. Best Practices For ISV Integrations With Hardware

    POS ISVs looking to boost brand recognition often turn to hardware manufacturers to get their solutions to market. Partnerships to integrate ISV solutions with hardware are one of the most effective ways to create a market for your software.

  3. Does Your Vendor Deliver Partner Value? 7 Ways To Check

    POS resellers are essential to a vendor’s strategy to target its products to the right market. Without the benefit of channel partnerships, vendors would be hard-pressed to gain brand mindshare.

  4. Key Facts About EMV

    EMV (“Europay International, MasterCard, and Visa”) is a set of standards for interactions between chip cards and point-of-sale (POS) devices. Essentially, EMV, chip cards, and smart cards all mean the same thing. EMV helps prevent payment card fraud via an additional layer of security provided by an embedded microchip.

  5. Tokenization Vs Encryption

    When used together, tokenization and encryption provide a layered security approach to protect sensitive card data at rest and in transit.

  6. The Basics Of Next Day Funding

    Next day funding continues to be a hot topic in merchant services. Despite the popularity of next day funding, merchant account providers often still ask us questions about how it works. To appreciate the benefits of next day funding, it’s helpful to understand the normal funding cycle for credit card processing. I will walk through a simple example to illustrate the difference.

  7. Tips For Successful ISV Relationships With Resellers

    Partnerships between POS ISVs and resellers provide mutual benefits: They help ISVs scale the distribution of their software solutions while opening opportunities for VARs to add value for their customers.

  8. Customer Success And The Added Value Of Payments

    Payment processing offers value beyond recurring revenue; it can also help ISVs build stickier relationships with their customers.

  9. Semi-Integration Benefits For ISVs Starts With The Cloud

    Building, maintaining, upgrading, and certifying a fully-integrated, compliant system becomes cost- and time-prohibitive for small and large ISVs alike. Leveraging the benefits of semi-integration happens when things move to the cloud. 

  10. The Software Vendor's Guide To Faster EMV

    It’s undeniable that the original EMV technology falls short in terms of providing an ideal checkout experience for the consumer. As a software provider, you can turn this experience around for your customers and their consumers.