Software Sales & Marketing

  1. How To Drive Breakthrough Channel Performance

    What are the secrets to driving breakthrough channel performance? That was the topic of my Channel Journeys podcast with Josh Lewis, Vice President of Global Channel Sales at Alteryx, a rapidly growing provider of a data science and analytics platform.

  2. The Chief Revenue Officer: A King Without A Country?

    In some ways, serving as CRO is about being a person without a country or a king without a kingdom. Having the optimal focus and proper tools can greatly add to CRO success by forming a virtual kingdom that provides the resources to make an impact.

  3. CompTIA Tech Buyer's Journey

    Technology Buyer's Journey, Developed by the Channel Advisory Board and the Business Applications Industry Advisory Council. This graphic shows the journey of a technology buyer including the key elements that a buyer (end user company) experiences when making a technology purchasing decision.

  4. Solving Technical Recruiting Challenges Through International Expansion

    After exhausting our local recruiting options — from hiring firms to online job-boards — it was clear we needed to look into new markets to build out our team. That’s when we began thinking about international expansion.

  5. Building An Effective Sales Organization

    Posting ads on job boards and using tools like LinkedIn are a great start; however, referrals are typically the best way to ensure you bring the right people into your organization. Whether you’re attending chamber of commerce events or industry tradeshows, pay attention to individuals that standout.

  6. 3 Mistakes To Avoid When Tracking Churn

    Regardless of your particular methodology in calculating churn, there are best practices you can (and should) be following to benefit from the results. Following are three mistakes SaaS companies need to avoid as they set about tracking their churn.

  7. Direct B2B Sales Forces Are Obsolete — Do Not Invest In Direct Sales

    When a traditional business model dies it seems to slowly decline until one day: POOF! Nobody remembers why it was there in the first place. B2B sales forces are obsolete.

  8. Contract Terms That Prevent Common Auto Renewal Payment Issues

    If you sell a product as a SaaS provider you’ve probably already realized that auto renewal contracts make the most sense for both you and your customers. So, if auto renewal is best for everyone, why does it so frequently result in payment problems?

  9. 8 Ways To Generate Quality Leads

    What do software marketers covet and crave? Leads! High-quality leads that can be poured into the sales funnel and transformed into profitable sales. If you want your marketing to generate a lot more leads, here are six time-tested ideas.

  10. Companies To Watch: SOOP

    This seasoned software executive is getting his text-to-order startup off the ground by being smart about bootstrapping, pricing, and beta customers.