Software Sales & Marketing

  1. 8 Challenges Of Sales And Marketing Alignment

    As blatantly obvious as it sounds, Sales and Marketing alignment is beyond critical for any organization. According to the Aberdeen Group, 74% of best-in-class organizations have a strong relationship between Sales and Marketing. So why is such common knowledge often hard to act on – let alone perfect?

  2. Building A Marketing Technology Stack

    The list of technologies that enterprise-level organizations leverage continues to grow. Each department has platforms that are essential to their jobs. Seemingly, a new technology emerges every day that purports to change the game and unlock the next level of performance. Marketing is no different. The technology landscape is increasingly crowded.

  3. Achieving An End-To-End View Of Your Buyer's Journey

    How to maximize the impact of your sales and marketing tech stack.

  4. 12 Sales Enablement KPIs For Enterprise Sales Leaders

    Sales leaders are constantly on the lookout for new ways to improve processes, motivate their teams, unlock efficiencies, and ultimately close more deals.

  5. Mitigating Risk With On-Brand, Compliant Sales Materials At 361 Capital

    The financial advising firm noticed they were burning valuable resources manually updating sales materials. With Seismic, they were able to automate those updates, ensure total accuracy, and speed up the update process by 33%. Watch how else their marketing and sales teams discovered the Seismic difference.

  6. Improving Close Rates And Winning More Deals At Blackbaud

    Alan Yarborough, Sales Enablement Marketing Manager at Blackbaud, shares how Seismic has helped marketing empower sales with the right content for every selling scenario to impact the bottom line.

  7. Increasing Sales Content ROI And Content Usage With Elekta

    Kathleen Voboril, Director of Digital and Marketing Operations at Elekta, explains how Seismic helped break down internal silos between marketing and sales, leading to better content from Marketing and 350% more content being used by Sales.

  8. When Do I Need Sales Enablement?

    This is one of the most crucial questions that emerges when embarking on a sales enablement journey. Because a sales enablement solution drastically alters the way an organization conducts its sales and marketing activities, it is imperative to understand exactly when you need sales enablement.

  9. Software Providers: Help Your Partners Help Themselves

    Having spent nearly 30 years in enterprise software sales, I can tell you that there’s no such thing as a passive channel partnership — at least not one that lasts. As a vendor, your end of the bargain is to help partners help themselves. Here are a few suggestions to engage partners and help drive joint success.

  10. Mitigating Direct vs. Indirect Sales Channel Conflict

    Selling more software through indirect sales channels can create headaches for your direct sales team – and your partners – unless you proactively take steps to address the potential conflict.