SBG Reseller Channel

  1. Advice For Marketing IT Services & Solutions To The Hospitality Industry

    Crystal Barrineau is director of marketing at OrderCounter — a technology company that specializes in point of sale and cloud-hybrid solutions for restaurants. Crystal took time to talk with about the importance of on-site demos, marketing tactics that work in hospitality, and more. VARs take note: while OrderCounter may be a software provider, Crystal offers up some good nuggets VARs — particularly those in the POS world — should pay attention to.

  2. 3 Ways RFP Responders Can Better Help Companies Win More Business

    Unlike sales professionals who may traverse the country from one trade show or convention to another on a weekly basis, RFP responders often stay put year-round. As such, many of the attendees found tremendous value in the ability to finally connect with like-minded folks who share the common goal of helping their companies win more business.

  3. Why Strategic Partnerships Are Key To AI And ML Success

    Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology firms’ channel strategies have become increasingly reliant on strong strategic partnerships and trusted resellers. It is critical to select best-of-breed companies who can bring data-driven value to the technology platform.

  4. The 4 Drivers Of Software Vendor's Channel Partners In 2019

    2019 presents a great opportunity for software vendors to take stock of their services and ensure they’re incorporating the latest innovations and service offerings into their organizations to meet today’s market and channel partners' needs. While there are a number of factors that will drive new channel solutions, we can expect the following four to prompt the most significant changes for your partners.

  5. Advice For Marketing To Retailers

    Jamie Gray is responsible for planning, developing, and implementing branding strategies for LOC Software, and he talks with Software Business Growth about how to – and how not to – market to retailers, channel partners, and more.

  6. Software Providers: Help Your Partners Help Themselves

    Having spent nearly 30 years in enterprise software sales, I can tell you that there’s no such thing as a passive channel partnership — at least not one that lasts. As a vendor, your end of the bargain is to help partners help themselves. Here are a few suggestions to engage partners and help drive joint success.

  7. Mitigating Direct vs. Indirect Sales Channel Conflict

    Selling more software through indirect sales channels can create headaches for your direct sales team – and your partners – unless you proactively take steps to address the potential conflict.

  8. 6 Mistakes Software Companies Make With Channel Programs

    Building an indirect sales channel is not easy, and it takes time and effort to do this correctly. In building our channel at MicroBiz, here are a few lessons we learned.

  9. How Better Marketing Content Can Boost Channel Sales

    To sell in the channel, it’s important to remember that you’re no longer selling software; you’re selling a solution to a pain point your end users have. How your marketing content reflects this is key. Here are three ways to boost sales with better marketing content.

  10. Excite, Enable And Execute: The Critical Role Of Partner Engagement

    Success comes in many forms, but a significant area of importance for business growth is the building and maintenance of collaborative partnerships. If a small business is built on a model that cannot sustain more than a handful of clients at any one time, how do you scale?