SBG Reseller Channel

  1. How To Drive Breakthrough Channel Performance

    What are the secrets to driving breakthrough channel performance? That was the topic of my Channel Journeys podcast with Josh Lewis, Vice President of Global Channel Sales at Alteryx, a rapidly growing provider of a data science and analytics platform.

  2. Companies To Watch: SOOP

    This seasoned software executive is getting his text-to-order startup off the ground by being smart about bootstrapping, pricing, and beta customers.

  3. How To Turn Channels Into A Profession, One Certificate At A Time

    Mike Kelly doesn’t shy away from a challenge. He climbed Mount Elbrus, the highest summit in Europe at 18,510’. He conquered the Jungfrau Marathon with 6,000’ of elevation gain. But now he has an ever more audacious mission; turning the channel into a profession.

  4. How A Partner Scorecard Drives Revenue Growth

    Software companies need a better way to select the right channel partners at the beginning — partners that have the best potential to drive revenue growth.

  5. Getting Respect With Channel Automation

    Indirect sales drives 75 percent of world trade across all 27 Industries. It's the biggest industry in terms of getting things to market. And yet somehow, we in the channel have this red-headed step-child complex.

  6. Channel Partners Need Your Help (But Not Via Another Email About Your Software’s Latest Features)

    When BlueStar invited me to join them at their ISV Connect Summits in 2019, I jumped at the chance to help steer education sessions. Why? Because I know many software companies want to have successful partner programs, but they struggle to execute when it comes to selling their software through indirect channels.

  7. A Shift In SaaS: The Future Is Vertical

    Building a vertical SaaS company presents many unique advantages but is certainly not without challenges. This article will discuss why and how to build a vertical SaaS product, and common roadblocks to watch out for in doing so.

  8. What Is Driving Channel Transformation And Where Is It Taking Us?

    As infrastructure and infrastructure services become commoditized by cloud technology, partners are learning that the serious money is in specialization and adding true business value to their customers. In response, new channels are emerging and existing partner business models are changing to meet customers’ needs.

  9. 3 Steps To Strategic Channel Partnerships: Shattering The SaaS Love Triangle

    You don’t buy your shampoo, your jeans, or even your car directly from the manufacturer. That’s just how consumer sales work. Unfortunately, with SaaS, leveraging a distribution network isn’t quite so easy.

  10. 3 Tips For Building The Best Reseller Channel

    Perhaps it’s fair to say that ISVs can find themselves at a crossroads when it comes to how and where to market their software products. A reseller channel can have pros and cons .