Software Customer Support

  1. 3 Key Ingredients For Channel Marketing Success

    Just because you build an awesome partner program with super cool channel marketing tools, it doesn’t mean your partners will be running out of the corn fields to use them.

  2. How To Make Quality A Priority In An Agile World

    It is now harder than ever to deliver quality experiences, and it’s not just because Agile teams are primarily focused on speed.

  3. Building An Effective Sales Organization

    Posting ads on job boards and using tools like LinkedIn are a great start; however, referrals are typically the best way to ensure you bring the right people into your organization. Whether you’re attending chamber of commerce events or industry tradeshows, pay attention to individuals that standout.

  4. 3 Mistakes To Avoid When Tracking Churn

    Regardless of your particular methodology in calculating churn, there are best practices you can (and should) be following to benefit from the results. Following are three mistakes SaaS companies need to avoid as they set about tracking their churn.

  5. An ISV’s Guide To Acting On Customer Feedback

    Six data-collecting tactics to help you listen to your customers, plus best practices for acting on what they say.

  6. Keep The Revenue Your Company Worked So Hard To Earn

    If you follow the path customers naturally take, not the one you outline, the result will drive customer adoption, loyalty, and expanded product use.

  7. The Big Bold Future Of SaaS Growth Is Customer Success

    Very few SaaS vendors have figured out how to solve the root-cause problem: how to get customers to drive effective user adoption and use technology to create value.

  8. How To Recruit For Your Centers Of Influence

    Building your COI program means harnessing the skills and motivations of people who will enthusiastically build the strength and reputation of you, your company, your product, and your brand. The good news is COI programs yield immediate- and long-term business results because the focus is on each influencer’s unique ability to help you meet your growth goals.

  9. Succeeding In Customer Success: Relationships Built To Last

    Customer Success. If you’re in B2B/SaaS, you’ve surely heard the term and how it differs from Customer Support as a business function. For the uninitiated – Customer Success is the long-term (vs. short-term/transactional) effort of managing customer relationships while continuing to provide value. By making your customers as successful as possible, your customers’ lifetime value (CLTV) to the company increases, resulting in stable growth.

  10. The Exponential Power Of A Hybrid Sales Channel

    Sales reps fear losing control of their accounts. As a result, they miss out on a huge opportunity to ignite growth by gaining the scale and reach offered by the channel.