Software Customer Support

  1. Using Legacy Security For Cloud-Transformation Is Not Working

    The lesson is clear:  you cannot digitally transform apps using legacy technology tools and legacy security models of the data center.

  2. 5 Ways Email Targeting Can Help Advertisers Overcome Cookie Dependence

    For companies looking to overcome their dependence on cookies, and avoid missing out on the wealth of data from Chrome (and other browser) users, here are five reasons email-based targeting is the solution.

  3. What’s Next For SaaS: 2 Trends Likely To Disrupt The Software-as-a-Service Landscape

    Major players have positioned themselves as SaaS market leaders, with names like Microsoft, Salesforce, and Oracle dominating their respective spaces. Meanwhile, many other SaaS product categories are bursting at their seams. So, should we believe that the market is already established? What, if anything, is next for SaaS?

  4. Who Is At The Center Of Your Funding Universe: Employees, Products, Or Customers?

    This customer-centric operations model will help software companies reimagine how they make strategic decisions and, thus, funding allocation decisions.

  5. Do You Really Know What’s Causing Churn?

    The customers using your software, especially those with purchasing and decision- making authority, are busy. Too busy to hop on the phone for an hour and run through a postmortem for a software solution they are no longer interested in using.

  6. 7 Steps For Dealing With SaaS Outages

    As an IT manager, what are we supposed to do when the unthinkable happens? Don’t feel helpless, don’t just throw up your hands — instead, take it on head-first and do the following.

  7. Exploring The State Of Customer Retention Survey

    Customer retention is imperative to building a business model that drives sustainable growth. But there’s relatively little documented or developed best practices to follow.

  8. The Write Stuff: Using Software Analytics To Educate Customers

    There’s nothing like the power of the pen. Or, in the digital era, there might be nothing as convincing as words created by computer pixels. For software companies, the influence of words lies in the content created to educate customers on how to make the most of their products.

  9. Closing The IT Skills Gap: A Bridge (Not) Too Far

    Bridging the gap between legacy and modern-day skillsets is more attainable than you might think. But first, your organization must be willing to embrace a culture of change.

  10. How To Move Aging Architecture And Applications To The Cloud

    Got aging an application that doesn’t sit on the cloud but still has business value? When you finally decide it’s time to move it, the right strategic plan can deliver additional benefits for users.