Software Customer Support

  1. Turning Customer Success Into A Revenue Powerhouse

    Every business needs revenue and every business has costs—that much is obvious. Sometimes, however, the line between revenue-drivers and cost-centers becomes rigid. We start to see just the sales team as the department that pays the bills, and departments like customer success as an unavoidable cost of doing business.

  2. The Future CCO: Advice For Those On The Path To The Chief Customer Officer

    The Chief Customer Officers of the future are Customer Success Managers today. With that in mind, we wanted to help provide a more defined and clear path for you on your journey to understanding the customer better and becoming a future Chief Customer Officer.

  3. New To Customer Success Automation? 15 Ideas To Get Started

    Customer Success teams contend with a long customer lifecycle: from on-boarding to engagement to renewal to advocacy. Customer success automation has arrived and it automates processes and tasks that otherwise would be completed manually.

  4. Tech Leaders Talk National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

    In honor of celebrating the 16th annual National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, leading tech industry experts have provided the comments below showcasing the importance of this holiday.

  5. 3 Reasons To Accept Your Next Customer Conference Invite

    Vendor user conferences are typically designed to celebrate customers and further educate attendees on a solution or suite of products. But, with a designated time to exchange stories and ideas in person, these events also can generate massive value for channel partners.

  6. How To Innovate Technology That Anticipates Customers’ Needs

    Competition in every industry will always be fierce. Not only will existing competitors continue to launch new variations of solutions, but also new entrants may shake up your industry with market-disrupting business models.

  7. How To Turn Free Software Trials Into Sales

    How do you get people to give your software a try? Maybe you require a person-to-person online demo. Or perhaps you let them download a free "trial version” of your software (with a few features omitted). No matter how you get them to give your product a try, the rubber meets the road when you ask them to actually open up their wallets and buy. What's the best time to ask for the money?

  8. Secrets To Software Adoption: Tips For Helping Customers Maximize ROI In Your Product

    As a software vendor, you may think that your primary objective is to sell software. But, for sustainable, long-term business growth, you must go beyond the sale to become a true partner in your customers’ success. Here’s how.

  9. The State Of Customer Success

    Several years ago, there had been initial questions and debate about longevity of customer success initiatives and organizations, but the evidence of organizational representation and the cavernous gap of demand versus existing supply of resources in the market are stark evidence points that show customer success is thriving and here to stay.

  10. The Balancing Act Of Managing Customer Churn

    A SaaS cofounder shares five practical tips for reaching the holy grail of growth.