Software Customer Support

  1. Steps To Proactively Manage Your Q4 Renewal Period

    If you are like most B2B companies, Q4 is a busy selling season, which in turn means it also becomes a big renewal period for Customer Success teams. Because so much is on the line, Q4 can be a stressful period. But, if you’re prepared for it ahead of time, you’ll have a better chance of making things work in your favor.

  2. The Secret To Getting Customers To Drive Software Adoption On Their Own

    If companies are regularly switching software vendors, it begs the question – is the software the problem, or is it the ability of buyers to get value in their own organization that is the problem?

  3. 5 Steps To Winning Your Target Markets

    Over the past 10 years I have worked with over 300 B2B companies — many of them software and cloud companies — to not only help them dramatically scale and grow their revenue but also to win their target markets. We’ll include some of these examples in this article.

  4. Implementing A High Impact Referral Strategy: How To Turn Referrals Into Revenue

    There is a harsh and overlooked reality upon which all successful referral programs are based: not all referrals are created equal. With that said, you must address three issues to effectively leverage B2B referrals that deliver top (and bottom) line results.

  5. The Importance Of Winning Your Target Markets

    Many companies compete in their target markets but do not have a strategy or plan to win those target markets. Winning a target market means holding a commanding lead over all other comparable solutions and competitors.

  6. Scaling Customer Feedback

    Receptive CEO Hannah Chaplin recently spoke with Chartmogul’s Ed Shelley about scaling customer feedback, how you can balance product vision with feature requests, common mistakes companies make with feedback, and strategies for prioritizing input from customers.

  7. Methods To Scale Your Onboarding Process

    It is widely accepted that successful customer onboarding is essential to user adoption, and user adoption is foundational to driving long-term revenue. In fact, David Skok cites “failure to properly onboard” as one of the two key reasons customers don’t successfully adopt and eventually churn.

  8. Your Software Business Needs Raving Fans

    Software was still being shrink wrapped when Kenneth Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles published Raving Fans: A Revolutionary Approach To Customer Success in 1993. Fast forward 15 years later, and I’d still rate the time-tested theories in this book as a 10 out of 10. Here's why.

  9. Balancing ISV And Vendor Customer Support

    Delivering a positive customer support experience is a must for any business looking to keep customers for the long term. For POS ISVs who maintain relationships with multiple hardware vendors, this can get tricky because it requires tight coordination with the partners.

  10. Customer Support Tips For Small Software Companies

    As the company’s one and only employee, Chris Muench admits it can be tough to go from coding to support calls, and then back to coding. Interruptions for customer support are a fact of life for solo entrepreneurs, and Muench offers some sound advice for his peers at other small software companies.