Software Customer Support

  1. Harnessing Centers Of Influence: A Targeted Growth Strategy

    They are the people who are most important to your company’s success and on-going growth. Their well-honed interpersonal skills, nuanced business acumen, and targeted enthusiasm allow them to catapult you far ahead of your closest competitors. And yet, if you are like most software company leaders you don’t really know who these people are.

  2. Customer Success Starts With Customer Onboarding

    Whether you are a platform, product, services, marketplace or similar business, chances are you will be operating on the Customer Success model. Part of this model is Customer Onboarding.

  3. Advice For Marketing To Retailers

    Jamie Gray is responsible for planning, developing, and implementing branding strategies for LOC Software, and he talks with Software Business Growth about how to – and how not to – market to retailers, channel partners, and more.

  4. The Key To Winning SaaS RFPs

    Before diving into the ways to win an RFP, it’s important to understand why organizations lose RFPs to competitors. From my experience there are three consistent reasons why software organizations lose RFPs.

  5. Acquisitions The Right Way: ECi Shares The Secrets To Its Success

    Ron Books, CEO at ECi Software Solutions, has been integral in helping the company become a global enterprise that does north of $100mm in annual revenue. A big part of what fueled ECi’s growth was acquisitions, including the September 2018 acquisition of Vineyardsoft Corporation.

  6. SaaS Sales Automation Is A Very Expensive Failure

    Fewer SaaS reps are making quota. Published sources credibly report over 50 percent of reps do not make quota at all. Sales automation cannot overcome fundamental market changes. Why?

  7. How TechSmith Improves Products And User Experience While Growing Sales Via More Trial Conversions, Upgrades, Renewals, And Cross-Selling

    TechSmith regularly surveyed customers, but wanted to augment that data with comprehensive quantitative insight into product usage. Its own data collection system contained no reporting or analytics, frustrating product teams and the technical professionals tasked with operating and maintaining it. “Whenever we had a question our product teams had to ask a developer to stop work and write an SQL query," a strategy lead explained. Here's how TechSmith uses Revulytics to solve this challenge (and others).

  8. Where Customer Success and Customer Experience Converge To Increase SaaS Success

    There is a constant debate about CX. Who should be responsible for the Customer Experience? Some see CX as synonymous with the customer journey, and often under the jurisdiction of Marketing, while others think it belongs with Customer Success, and should be the underlying goal of all business functions.

  9. Insights From Investors: SaaS KPIs And Best Practices

    Traditional financial metrics and legacy ERP systems don’t provide adequate insights into the performance and growth of SaaS businesses. That’s because these metrics and systems were created for companies selling “one-time” products and simply don’t work for a recurring revenue business model. We understand — we’ve spent the last 10 years building our subscription management platform to help SaaS businesses better manage the recurring relationships with their subscribers and streamline the entire customer life cycle.

  10. Managing New Product/Version Releases With Release Management

    Managing a new product or version release is no small feat. An important end-to-end aspect of a successful release is release management — the process of managing, planning, scheduling, and controlling a software build through various stages and environments.