Customer Success/Support

  • How ISVs Can Create Customer Loyalty With Their Merchants

    Customer loyalty is defined as “A buyer’s preference for doing business with a particular business establishment.” Nothing is more valuable than a satisfied and loyal customer. Getting new customers is fantastic, but keeping your merchants is equally important. Merchants refer to ISVs as trusted advisors and that is why it is important for both parties to have a valuable relationship. Here are ways developers can create customer loyalty with their merchants.

  • Your Annual Customer Health Checkup Is Overdue. You Just Don’t Know It.

    How satisfied are your merchants with your customer service? The answer is … you only know what they’ve told you directly. And because they’re polite like most of us, you likely have a blind spot to their actual feelings and could be at risk of losing them to a competitor. I’ve been working with VAR and ISV executives who have been surprised by what their merchants have told them through the RSPA’s Customer Health Checkup survey. 

  • How Ad Blockers Are Messing With The Customer Experience

    Jeff Kupietzky, CEO of PowerInbox, took the time to speak with Software Business Growth about ad blockers and how they mess with the customer experience.

  • Building A World-Class Customer Support Team At A Startup

    Providing a personalized, holistic customer experience is the goal of support teams today.

  • How To Design A Partner-Friendly User Conference

    There are several reasons for channel partners to attend a vendor user conference—despite these events being catered (often exclusively) to the customer’s experience. Partners can benefit from user conferences in the same way that customers do, from product education and sales strategy to relationship building. That is, if vendors actively design the event to serve their partner attendees as well.

  • Churn Monster #1 – Disengaged Customer

    We are starting a new blog series on “Churn Monsters” (i.e. common churn risks your company might be facing). We will feature one new churn monster a month. In this series we will take a look at a life-like scenario involving that churn monster and give you a rundown of how that churn monster might be successfully defeated.

  • Churn Monster #2 – Cash-Strapped Customer

    We are now ready for our second installment of the Churn Monster blog series. In this series we are going over common customer churn risks that your company might be facing. We’ll go over a typical scenario you might be experiencing involving that churn monster and give you a recommended plan of action to successfully defeat that risk.

  • Churn Monster #3 – Slacker Customer

    The monsters are back! Churn monsters that is. Today we are going to take a look at our third customer churn risk – a slacker customer. A slacker is a customer who could receive value from your offerings but is unwilling to put in the effort to either get started or continue using your product or service. Sound like anyone you currently have as a customer?

  • Churn Monster #4 – The Victim Customer

    It’s monster time again! Today we are going to take a look at our fourth churn monster – the victim. This is one of the worst churn risks out there, because the customer isn’t actually doing anything wrong, but they are still being affected in a negative way, which increases their likelihood to churn.

  • Churn Monster #5 – Manic Customer

    If you are responsible for customer success or customer retention at your company, you have monsters in your closet. These churn monsters take big bites out of your customer base, which can be very scary. But never fear, we are here to help you learn about these possible customer churn risks and devise a plan to beat them.

  • Churn Monster #6 – Abandoned Customer

    This month we are going to be talking about how to save an abandoned customer. By an abandoned customer we mean – someone who needs support or guidance but for whatever reason has unfortunately been neglected by you and/or your company and is left feeling helpless. This is one of the worst churn risks, because the fault lies on you as the CSM, instead of the customer, however the customer is the one who suffers.

  • Churn Monster #7 – Stuck Customer

    We are going to talk about a customer churn risk that all of us in the Customer Success space have experienced – a stuck customer. A stuck customer is someone who is having difficulties progressing forward in a certain phase of the lifecycle journey, for example – implementation, on-boarding, training, product adoption, etc. This customer status is concerning because it signals a warning sign that the customer isn’t receiving the full potential value from your product yet, and the worry is that maybe they never will. The question is, how do you go about handling this customer churn risk?

  • 6 Things CSMs Need To Do Today To Blow Q4 Out Of The Water

    If you work in a B2B SaaS company, you know that across the board, Q4 is always the biggest sales quarter of the year. Q4 is where the magic happens – prospects are geared up and ready to buy, to capitalize on extra end of year budget and set themselves and their teams up to have the right tools moving into the new year.

  • Serious About Customer Success? Your CRM Is Not Enough!

    The SaaS model has rapidly changed the software marketplace by lowering the barriers of entry and exit for buyers. These changes have made it essential that B2B software companies adapt and deliver ongoing user value. Now more than ever Customer Success is essential to the long-term success of your entire organization. A relationship-focused approach to client management is a must.

  • Turning Customer Success Into A Revenue Powerhouse

    Every business needs revenue and every business has costs—that much is obvious. Sometimes, however, the line between revenue-drivers and cost-centers becomes rigid. We start to see just the sales team as the department that pays the bills, and departments like customer success as an unavoidable cost of doing business.

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