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  • Don’t Expose Your Software Customers To Your Org Chart
    Don’t Expose Your Software Customers To Your Org Chart

    We’ve all been there: angrily on hold with some service provider wondering why it’s so complicated to get answers to our seemingly simple questions. For me, this most recently happened after calling Marriott Rewards to troubleshoot a glitch that was preventing me from booking a hotel room with my points. Anyone who has tried to call their cable company or insurance company can likely relate. While I was wasting time on the phone I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of customer service metrics they use to track that kind of interaction. Surely the excessive amount of time I was spending on that call wouldn’t meet the standard.

Why Every POS ISV Should Read “Built To Last”

One of my favorite quotes from the legendary business book “Built To Last” by Jim Collins and Jerry Porras is: “All products, services, and great ideas, no matter how visionary, eventually become obsolete. But a visionary company does not necessarily become obsolete, not if it has the organizational ability to continually change and evolve beyond existing product life cycles." If you work in the software space, I’m sure you can relate. That’s why Built To Last is a must-read for anyone serious about building a sustainable, profitable software company.

Pragmatic Advice For Financing The Growth Of A Software Business

Erik Matlick, CEO of NYC-based marketing data software company Bombora, shares his insights on financing growth from his experience helping multiple software ventures get off the ground. Matlick, who is also an investor himself, has a pragmatic, calculated perspective on raising money – one that is a far cry from the cash grab strategy often hailed in Silicon Valley. 

The Reality Of Selling Your Software Business Is Harder Than It Seems

My inbox is bombarded with a daily stream of news about tech acquisitions. I know the mainstream tech media is obligated to cover the biggest of the big deals, but to me the headlines about billion dollar exits aren’t painting an accurate picture of just how difficult it can be to sell your software company.

Debating Software Company Growth Strategies

There isn’t a “wrong” answer to whether top-line or bottom-line growth is more important for SaaS companies. Instead of debating the pros and cons of VC money, software companies should take a look, hard look at the best way to finance growth.

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  • Why Your Competitors’ Follow-Ups Aren’t Working And How You Can Stand Out

    Crafting the perfect follow up message (or, more accurately, messages) is often considered one of, if not the, most challenging aspects of a career sales.

  • Accelerate Growth With Product Qualified Leads (PQLs)

    As a SaaS product leader, you are under increasing pressure to create products that generate and grow revenue for your organization. As if acquiring customers wasn’t challenging enough, you must also continue to deliver value to your customers to increase customer lifetime value and mitigate churn. As you develop new product initiatives to deliver on your revenue growth goals, you really have two options; focus on acquiring new customers or increasing share of wallet from existing customers through up-sell and cross-sell offers.

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  • 3 Ways To Future-Proof Your Payment Integration

    What’s the best way to future-proof something as complex as payment integration? The past few years have posed a challenge to point-of-sale (POS) and business management software providers faced with integrating payments to their software solutions.

  • The Software Vendor’s Guide To Faster EMV

    ‘Slow’ Is a Thing of the Past. As the use of chip cards becomes more prevalent across industries, consumers are able to pay more securely but not necessarily more quickly (or conveniently) — and that’s what consumers want when they're ready to make a purchase.

  • Embracing New POS technology Expands ISVs' Marketing Opportunities

    As a new, lighter POS approach emerges, Point of Sale (POS) solutions no longer have to depend on PCs to operate. Depending on a system’s configuration, the new POS model can leverage thin clients such as tablets and handhelds, giving the cashier the freedom to transact business at the point of decision.

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  • Clearent

    At our core, we’re a credit card processing company that takes a hard stand against hidden fees and pricing tricks. Since our very beginnings, our commitment to quality, transparency and unwavering customer service are the basis for everything that we do. We are a payment processor committed to doing the right thing.

  • RSPA
    RSPA stands for Retail Solutions Providers Association. We are the only association dedicated to the retail technology industry.  


  • CompTIA

    CompTIA is the voice of the world's information technology (IT) industry.

  • SaaSOptics

    SaaSOptics is a complete B2B subscription management platform that provides subscription and order management, GAAP revenue recognition, e-invoicing and payments, financial reporting and robust subscription metrics and analytics. SaaSOptics is a cloud-based solution that enables emerging and growth subscription businesses the ability to eliminate their dependency on spreadsheets and streamline their financial operations, reporting and performance metrics.

  • First American Payment Systems
    First American Payment Systems

    First American Payment Systems is the integrated payments expert for simple, customized payment solutions. We provide payment solutions ISV’s need - focusing on EMV, mobile, PCI Compliance, and Security. Our expertise spans across multiple verticals and business types. In addition, we have a hands-on technical integration team to support partners through the integration process and get it done as quickly as possible. With over 210,000 merchants and our award-winning customer service, First American is a leading payment technology provider.

  • Paragon Payment Solutions
    Paragon Payment Solutions

    Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, Paragon Payment Solutions is an integrated payments boutique and Top 50 U.S. processor. The company, which securely manages over $3 billion in volume annually, is committed to delivering tailored solutions and strategic partnerships that help software providers and their customers excel.

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  • How Does An Integrated Payments Referral Partnership Work?
    How Does An Integrated Payments Referral Partnership Work?

    What does it mean to partner with a payment solutions company? If you’re a software provider, entering into an integrated payments partnership can offer many lucrative benefits for you along with improved functionality for your clients. With a referral agreement, you can provide your customers with a reliable and secure payment processing provider. In return, you can potentially earn additional credit card processing revenue.

  • Payments For SaaS Applications
    Payments For SaaS Applications

    Deciding which payment processing platform (also commonly referred to as a gateway) to add to your SaaS application can be overwhelming and time-consuming.  Payments for SaaS applications are not necessarily a feature that developers look forward to adding as many gateway integrations are complex and timely.  Here are a few things to consider when exploring different payment platforms for your SaaS application.

  • How To Accelerate Your Startup’s Funding: Take Advantage Of Residual Income
    How To Accelerate Your Startup’s Funding: Take Advantage Of Residual Income

    Business management software is in high demand in virtually all business sectors. We know you are ready to triumph in your vertical. The catch? It takes a while to establish yourself as a well-known industry powerhouse. How can you accelerate your startup’s funding in the meantime? Focus on residual income by pairing with a software payment partner.

  • Balancing ISV And Vendor Customer Support
    Balancing ISV And Vendor Customer Support

    Delivering a positive customer support experience is a must for any business looking to keep customers for the long term. For POS ISVs who maintain relationships with multiple hardware vendors, this can get tricky because it requires tight coordination with the partners.

  • Put Your Integrated Payments Partner To Work for You
    Put Your Integrated Payments Partner To Work for You

    While it’s true that integrated payments can make for a far more efficient process, it can sometimes be difficult for software providers to get their customers on board. That’s where Paragon Payment Solutions comes in: As leaders in integrated payment processing, this skilled team supports software providers by creating lasting partnerships. Their innovative approach is part of what makes them successful, as does their commitment to quality over quantity when it comes to forging software payment partnerships. The following are a few things you can expect when partnering with the team at Paragon.

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