• What You Missed At The Business of Software Conference
    What You Missed At The Business of Software Conference

    The Business of Software conference – and the community of attendees that stays engaged year-round beyond the event – provided a long list of takeaways for everyone fortunate enough to attend. Here are some of the high-level themes I took away from my three days in Boston earlier this month.

Takeaways From The Business Of Software Conference

“10 percent slower and 10 percent lower quality is hard to detect, but it will kill the company in two years.” That was just one of my favorite quotes from the 2018 Business of Software conference. Read on for 7 more quick takeaways.

Your Software Business Needs Raving Fans

Software was still being shrink wrapped when Kenneth Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles published Raving Fans: A Revolutionary Approach To Customer Success in 1993. Fast forward 15 years later, and I’d still rate the time-tested theories in this book as a 10 out of 10. Here's why.

Customer Support Tips For Small Software Companies

As the company’s one and only employee, Chris Muench admits it can be tough to go from coding to support calls, and then back to coding. Interruptions for customer support are a fact of life for solo entrepreneurs, and Muench offers some sound advice for his peers at other small software companies.

The 4 Question Test For Software Feature Prioritization

If you work at a software company, chances are you’ve heard someone ask, “Wouldn’t it be cool if...?” Carl Ryden, co-founder and CEO of PrecisionLender, used to ask himself the same thing. So he developed a test for himself, using these four questions.

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  • Scaling Customer Feedback
    Scaling Customer Feedback

    Receptive CEO, Hannah Chaplin, recently spoke with Chartmogul’s Ed Shelley about scaling customer feedback.

  • What A CIO Needs To Know About Cloud Security
    What A CIO Needs To Know About Cloud Security

    Major data breaches are no longer a rare occurrence in the business world. It comes as no surprise, under those circumstances, that cybersecurity in general is a hot topic. With cloud-based solutions becoming so widely used, cloud security is one of the primary concerns of IT professionals.

  • Hosted Payment Pages: Should SaaS Companies Use Them?
    Hosted Payment Pages: Should SaaS Companies Use Them?

    Google shows nearly 14 million results in a search for “things that make your life easier,” with the top hit promising 17 items that will give you some extra “me” time every day. A hosted payment page didn’t make the list, but I’d be willing to bet that almost every one of BlueSnap’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) merchants would put it on their own lists of awesome things that make their business lives easier—and better. (Merchants and developers need “me” time, too, right?)

  • Methods To Scale Your Onboarding Process

    It is widely accepted that successful customer onboarding is essential to user adoption, and user adoption is foundational to driving long-term revenue. In fact, David Skok cites “failure to properly onboard” as one of the two key reasons customers don’t successfully adopt and eventually churn.

  • Ride The Sales Wave... With Onboarding

    The definitive outcome in a successful channel partnership is to engage and motivate their reps to push your product above the rest on a continuous basis.

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  • Is Becoming A PayFac The Right Fit For ISVs?

    A Guide for Software Providers Considering the Payment Facilitator Model.

  • Embracing New POS technology Expands ISVs' Marketing Opportunities

    As a new, lighter POS approach emerges, Point of Sale (POS) solutions no longer have to depend on PCs to operate. Depending on a system’s configuration, the new POS model can leverage thin clients such as tablets and handhelds, giving the cashier the freedom to transact business at the point of decision.

  • SMARTtill™: An Automated Cash Management Technology

    Cash Still Rules. It takes money to make money. This old adage certainly holds true for businesses that process cash transactions. Cash costs U.S. businesses $55 billion yearly. While most of that is due to theft, the figure also includes time spent on processing, counting and transporting bills and coins.

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  • CompTIA

    CompTIA is the voice of the world's information technology (IT) industry.

  • First American Payment Systems
    First American Payment Systems

    First American Payment Systems is the integrated payments expert for simple, customized payment solutions. We provide payment solutions ISV’s need - focusing on EMV, mobile, PCI Compliance, and Security. Our expertise spans across multiple verticals and business types. In addition, we have a hands-on technical integration team to support partners through the integration process and get it done as quickly as possible. With over 210,000 merchants and our award-winning customer service, First American is a leading payment technology provider.

  • Paragon Payment Solutions
    Paragon Payment Solutions

    Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, Paragon Payment Solutions is an integrated payments boutique and Top 50 U.S. processor. The company, which securely manages over $3 billion in volume annually, is committed to delivering tailored solutions and strategic partnerships that help software providers and their customers excel.

  • RSPA
    RSPA stands for Retail Solutions Providers Association. We are the only association dedicated to the retail technology industry.  


  • SaaSOptics

    SaaSOptics is a complete B2B subscription management platform that provides subscription and order management, GAAP revenue recognition, e-invoicing and payments, financial reporting and robust subscription metrics and analytics. SaaSOptics is a cloud-based solution that enables emerging and growth subscription businesses the ability to eliminate their dependency on spreadsheets and streamline their financial operations, reporting and performance metrics.

  • APG Cash Drawer, LLC
    APG Cash Drawer, LLC

    For more than 30 years, APG Cash Drawer has been designing and delivering cash drawers with a variety of size, color, interface, and integration options. An APG cash drawer will provide years of smooth, trouble free service with virtually no downtime, no service required, and no headaches. Our cash drawers are so well constructed and so reliable that our customers install them and forget them - even in the most demanding environments.

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  • Three Payment Technology Innovations ISVs Should Know About
    Three Payment Technology Innovations ISVs Should Know About

    The importance of keeping up with the rapidly-evolving world of payment technology is a no-brainer for any ISV who wants to remain aggressive, successful and relevant. But which of these innovative payment solutions are the most essential to be competitive in a crowded ISV field?

  • Balancing ISV And Vendor Customer Support
    Balancing ISV And Vendor Customer Support

    Delivering a positive customer support experience is a must for any business looking to keep customers for the long term. For POS ISVs who maintain relationships with multiple hardware vendors, this can get tricky because it requires tight coordination with the partners.

  • 4 Reasons Why You Should Have A Preferred Payment Gateway Partner
    4 Reasons Why You Should Have A Preferred Payment Gateway Partner

    Hip companies have learned that by giving their customers multiple payment options – credit cards, debit cards, mobile payments and more – they boost business significantly. So, it must be a good idea to select several different payment gateways for your software too, right? Actually, no.

  • Why Software Developers Need To Make Payment Security Their Top Priority
    Why Software Developers Need To Make Payment Security Their Top Priority

    After the Equifax breach in September 2017 exposed the personal information of approximately 143 million Americans, the importance of protecting sensitive data was brought sharply into focus. Cyberattacks as of Q1 2018 have already resulted in 686 breaches and the theft of 1.4 billion records. The result of this turbulent digital security landscape – especially considering that identity theft accounts for 69% of all hacks – is that consumers lose their trust in affected businesses. It can take a single breach to negatively affect brand loyalty and profits significantly.  As Warren Buffet said ““It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.”

  • Essential SaaS Strategies: Boosting Customer Retention Through Payments
    Essential SaaS Strategies: Boosting Customer Retention Through Payments

    With the focus on hosting cloud-based services that customers subscribe to – instead of software sold in one large payment – customer retention is vital to success. it’s crucial to reach a 3:1 ratio of Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) versus your Cost to Acquire a Customer (CAC) to grow as a business. You want customers to keep subscribing long past the point where you recoup the original investment.

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