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  • The Reality Of Selling Your Software Business Is Harder Than It Seems
    The Reality Of Selling Your Software Business Is Harder Than It Seems

    My inbox is bombarded with a daily stream of news about tech acquisitions. I know the mainstream tech media is obligated to cover the biggest of the big deals, but to me the headlines about billion dollar exits aren’t painting an accurate picture of just how difficult it can be to sell your software company.

Debating Software Company Growth Strategies

If you haven’t read Bill Boebel’s “A better way to fund SaaS companies” article on VentureBeat, stop what you’re doing, click on the link in this article, and soak in his perspective. I hope this post from the CEO and founder of Pingboard goes viral in the software community. More on this later.

New Podcast For ISVs: Recapping The Challenger Sale

My addiction to podcasts is why I jumped at the opportunity to join a POS industry-specific podcast venture with industry veterans Jim Roddy of Worldpay, Sean Buckley of Vend,  and Jeremy Julianof CBS NorthStar  We plan to read a book and discuss its applications to POS resellers and software companies on a regular basis. Our first episode is a discussion about The Challenger Sale: Taking Control of the Customer Conversation by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson.

5 Software Business Lessons Learned From Binge Watching Silicon Valley

Here are five lessons software companies of any size can learn from the cast of Silicon Valley. If I could have sat down with the fictional founder and CEO of Pied Piper, Richard Hendricks, when the show first aired in 2014, I would have given him a handful and Software Executive magazine articles.

Being Successful At Customer Success

If you ask two different software leaders to define “customer success,” you’re likely to get two different responses. We sat down with Allison Pickens, Chief Customer Officer at Gainsight, to clarify the converssation and pick her brain on all-things-CS — from pitfalls and best practices to structuring a CS team.

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  • Six Tips For Scaling Your Sales And Service Team
    Six Tips For Scaling Your Sales And Service Team

    What works for six people can become a mess when applied to 60, 600 or 6,000. From the technology you use, the people you employ and the business processes you set in motion, everything has to be scalable.

  • The Secret To Customer Satisfaction
    The Secret To Customer Satisfaction

    It’s simply understood: When your partner is happy, chances are you feel good, too. The same holds true in the relationship between your employees and customers. Workers provide the best service when they’re satisfied and supported by their employers.

  • Agility And Flexibility: The Key Elements In A Profitable Partnership
    Agility And Flexibility: The Key Elements In A Profitable Partnership

    When it comes to a relationship between an independent software vendor and a tech developer, agility is not just a basic quality to look for in a partner — it’s an essential one.

  • PCI's Not Enough: Breach Prevention Needs Chips And Tokens

    PCI compliance is not always sufficient to be fully secure. ISVs must adopt a layered security approach that uses EMV, encryption technology, and tokenization in addition to keeping up with PCI compliance requirements. This is the only way for ISVs to ensure complete protection for themselves and their clients.

  • How Do Processor-Owned ISVs impact The Point Of Sale Industry?

    Over the past few years, certain bank card acquirers/processors have purchased independent software vendors (ISV) in an effort to vertically integrate the delivery of integrated payments. This is effectively the same market verticalization that processors had traditionally executed for stand-beside terminals.  That said, there is a significant difference between delivering a stand-beside terminal for handling payments versus a full blown POS system for operating an entire enterprise. More important, the target merchant markets are substantially different for those respective products.

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  • The Software Vendor’s Guide To Faster EMV

    ‘Slow’ Is a Thing of the Past. As the use of chip cards becomes more prevalent across industries, consumers are able to pay more securely but not necessarily more quickly (or conveniently) — and that’s what consumers want when they're ready to make a purchase.

  • Embracing New POS technology Expands ISVs' Marketing Opportunities

    As a new, lighter POS approach emerges, Point of Sale (POS) solutions no longer have to depend on PCs to operate. Depending on a system’s configuration, the new POS model can leverage thin clients such as tablets and handhelds, giving the cashier the freedom to transact business at the point of decision.

  • SMARTtill™: An Automated Cash Management Technology

    Cash Still Rules. It takes money to make money. This old adage certainly holds true for businesses that process cash transactions. Cash costs U.S. businesses $55 billion yearly. While most of that is due to theft, the figure also includes time spent on processing, counting and transporting bills and coins.

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  • Clearent

    At our core, we’re a credit card processing company that takes a hard stand against hidden fees and pricing tricks. Since our very beginnings, our commitment to quality, transparency and unwavering customer service are the basis for everything that we do. We are a payment processor committed to doing the right thing.

  • Datacap Systems, Inc.
    Datacap Systems, Inc.

    Datacap Systems develops processor and hardware agnostic innovative integrated payment solutions for any Point of Sale, regardless of system architecture.

  • Paragon Payment Solutions
    Paragon Payment Solutions

    Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, Paragon Payment Solutions is an integrated payments boutique and Top 50 U.S. processor. The company, which securely manages over $3 billion in volume annually, is committed to delivering tailored solutions and strategic partnerships that help software providers and their customers excel.

  • CompTIA

    CompTIA is the voice of the world's information technology (IT) industry.

  • First American Payment Systems
    First American Payment Systems

    First American Payment Systems is the integrated payments expert for simple, customized payment solutions. We provide payment solutions ISV’s need - focusing on EMV, mobile, PCI Compliance, and Security. Our expertise spans across multiple verticals and business types. In addition, we have a hands-on technical integration team to support partners through the integration process and get it done as quickly as possible. With over 210,000 merchants and our award-winning customer service, First American is a leading payment technology provider.

  • RSPA
    RSPA stands for Retail Solutions Providers Association. We are the only association dedicated to the retail technology industry.  


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  • SaaS KPIs For Every Stage Of Growth
    SaaS KPIs For Every Stage Of Growth

    Using financial and operating metrics as a strategic tool provides the actionable insight you need to achieve your firm’s most important goals: driving growth, profitability and the type of value the market will reward at exit.

  • Tax Planning For SaaS Companies In 2018
    Tax Planning For SaaS Companies In 2018

    Steve Sehy from CaaS for SaaS CFO Services, and Tim DuVall, a tax partner at Katz, Sapper & Miller CPA firm, have teamed up  to put together a targeted tax presentation specifically for SaaS companies.

  • 11 Things To Do Now To Prepare For Your First Audit
    11 Things To Do Now To Prepare For Your First Audit

    A financial statement audit attested by an independent auditor includes the examination of a company’s financial records that include balance sheet, income statement, statement of cash flows, statement of equity and disclosures by an independent auditor. The audit report indicates fair presentation of the financial statements and related disclosures. Here, we’ll cover the top eleven things you can do today to ensure your first audit goes smoothly.

  • Don’t Miss The Low-Hanging Fruit—Five Best Practices For SaaS Renewals
    Don’t Miss The Low-Hanging Fruit—Five Best Practices For SaaS Renewals

    You’ve worked hard to acquire your customers, but holding onto them through multiple renewal cycles is really the key to subscription business success. Many SaaS businesses rely on auto-renewals to support the business. This is integral to the subscription business model, but it doesn’t mean you can kick back and relax.

  • Why It's Better To Scale Your Financial Operations Without Spreadsheets
    Why It's Better To Scale Your Financial Operations Without Spreadsheets

    Sometimes in life, making ends meet is the only option. We’ve all faced situations where doing the thing that is “good enough for now” is the only option. Managing the financial operations of your SaaS business shouldn’t be one of those times. 

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