• Technology adoption in today’s world has rapidly evolved from being a “nice-to-have” to becoming a “must-have” for finance teams at successful SaaS organizations. Great CFOs and Controllers, like Michael Chernoff, 2020 Controller of the year by the controller council, understand that implementing the right FinOps tech stack is key to achieving business growth, increasing efficiency and optimizing processes such as frictionless recurring billing, and automated ASC 606 revenue recognition.

  • Companies are continually striving to improve their performance and it is important to know how you stack up to your peers. As FinOps takes a bigger role in charting the growth of a SaaS company, what are the benchmarks for what to do, and when? Sage Intacct, The SaaS CFO, and RevOps Squared conducted research throughout Summer 2021 to benchmark how recurring revenue companies managed the financial reporting process.

  • Sunny Wu, the VP of finance at the fast-growing, SaaS-based billing software vendor LogiSense, has made the most of Sage Intacct’s rich capabilities to transform accounting and finance at her company. In less than three years, Wu has reduced monthly close time by 66%, increased the volume of reports by 10x, and reduced days sales outstanding by 10 days to accelerate cash flow by roughly 33%. And that’s without adding staff to a two-person accounting team, even as the number of contracts rose 50%.

  • A Unicorn’s Path To Predictable Forecasting – The Expel Story

    For many startups, becoming a unicorn is the dream! And we will all agree that living the dream oftentimes require a lot of work planning and laying the groundwork. In the famous words of Benjamin Franklin, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. This is especially true for businesses that are proactive about setting themselves up for success by having the right tools and systems in place to make more informed decisions. 

  • The Future Of Cannabis Customer Experience

    The medical and adult-use cannabis industry is growing – and evolving. New Frontier Data predicts the U.S. market will increase to $35 billion by 2025, in part because 230 million Americans (about 70 percent of the population) now live in states that have legalized medical or adult-use cannabis. The most successful dispensaries – and the software developers who design solutions for them -- will recognize that, in addition to bringing products to these consumers, they also need to create pleasing cannabis customer experiences that will help earn their loyalty and build business.


  • Five Ingredients For Finance Transformation

    Over the next 10 years, technology will do more to change the finance and accounting organization than it has over the past 50. A spate of advances in databases, data processing, analytics and tools addressing the user experience as well as the application of artificial intelligence will free up much of the time now required by unproductive manual processes. This will allow the chief financial officer and controller to refocus the mission of the department and will enable it to realize the longstanding ambition of finance transformation: becoming more of a strategic partner to the rest of the company. There are five areas most finance executives will need to address to realize this transformation.

  • Confessions Of A Subscription CFO: Coping With The Business Challenges Of Growth

    You know it all too well. But, if you’re like many, you hesitate to admit the reality: It just isn’t easy being a CFO. Your company relies on you for financial leadership, but as your organization grows, so do the challenges—board reporting, SaaS metrics, managing burn, faster closes, smarter revenue management, deeper analyses, regulatory compliance, multinational consolidations. Add it up, and the headaches and sleepless nights are almost inescapable. 

  • The 5 Questions SaaS CFOs Should Ask Their Controller

    As the office of the SaaS company controller becomes ever more strategic—creating higher levels of financial visibility to help drive growth and profitability—the financial organization’s relationship to the controller role must evolve as well.


  • RSPA stands for Retail Solutions Providers Association. We are the only association dedicated to the retail technology industry.  


  • Sage Intacct, Inc., a cloud accounting software company, develops and delivers financial management solutions to meet the needs of financial professionals. It offers general ledger accounting, accounts payable, purchase order, order management, accounts receivable, and cash management software; financial reporting and financial dashboards; digital board book; and Intacct Collaborate, a solution to connect people and accelerate processes.




Free collection of articles on topics such as avoiding conflict between direct and indirect sales channels and enabling partners to sell more. Building a successful channel program requires consistent effort and a long-term investment, and that starts here.


  • RSPA Trusted Advisor Ep. 56: Opportunities And Challenges For Women In Today’s Retail IT Channel

    Episode 56 of “The Trusted Advisor” features 2021 RSPA W2W Leaders of the Year Nell Alverson, the Director of Channel Marketing at ScanSource, and Breanna Brown, Global Marketing Manager for APG. Alverson, Brown, and the RSPA’s Jim Roddy discuss opportunities and challenges for women in today’s channel, actions both men and women can take to avoid bias and promote inclusion, and changes the retail IT industry should embrace to accelerate progress.

  • 3 Pro Tips On Financial Reporting

    Nirvana for leading top SaaS finance teams is creating fast, insightful, and detailed financial reporting and forecasting that helps the executive team and board make timely, data-driven decisions to scale and win market share. 

  • Benchmark Your SaaS Metrics With The COVID-Updated KeyBanc SaaS Survey

    What are the right benchmarks for your SaaS fundraising? Adam Noily, Managing Director of KeyBanc Capital Market’s SaaS practice, will dive into the data from their most recent SaaS Metrics Survey.

  • The Bessemer Venture Partners State Of The Cloud For Finance

    The demand for cloud and the demands of cloud computing continue to surge in the post-pandemic world. In this session, Mary D’Onofrio and Janelle Teng of Bessemer Venture Partners will discuss the 2021 State of the Cloud study, focusing on implications for the finance leaders at fast-growth SaaS firms.

  • 3 Tips For Building Your Revenue Recognition With Tony Sondhi

    For SaaS controllers, it’s overwhelming to understand how to plan for, document, and implement the needed changes of ASC 606 revenue recognition while also keeping up with a growing business. The good news is that compliance with ASC 606 also creates an opportunity to put strategic performance obligations in place across key processes in billing and delivering value to your customers. 

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