Abby Sorensen July 2017 Headshot

Abby Sorensen

Abby is the Chief Editor for Follow Your Buyer, where she covers B2B sales and marketing best practices.


  • What Are Developers Doing With Their Time?

    Consider this: Do you really want your developers spending eight hours a day, five days a week, 52 weeks a year doing nothing but writing lines and lines and lines of code?

  • Lucid Software’s Next Growth Opportunity

    This SaaS company with more than 15 million users and $100+ million in venture funding is expanding its product set, introducing a new pricing model, and beefing up its integrations for future growth.

  • Companies To Watch: Boardable

    This SaaS startup is building a platform to help nonprofits manage board members.

  • Reaching $100 Million In Revenue In Less Than 5 Years

    A Q&A with Vlocity founder and CEO David Schmaier, whose industry-specific cloud and mobile software company is the fastest growing company ever built on the Salesforce AppExchange platform.

  • The Physics Of Software Business Operations

    The COO of Moogsoft explains how simple changes to customer success, marketing, and sales operations can set the stage for growth.

  • Companies To Watch: OrderOut

    Managing integrations and simple monthly pricing are keys to the growth goals of this startup that manages online third-party food delivery orders for restaurants.

  • From 0 To 2000+ Partners How A SaaS Company’s Channel Program Reached Critical Mass

    To say that ID Agent’s channel growth has been impressive would be a gross understatement. A more accurate assessment might say the company is a textbook example of how SaaS firms can grow exponentially without a direct sales team. Its channel play began in May 2017, when the company’s headcount was a grand total of two: Solomon and CEO/cofounder Kevin Lancaster. By December of that year 500 partners were reselling the software. Fast forward to today, and those partners total more than 2,000 in 22 countries and 45 employees.

  • Do You Really Know What’s Causing Churn?

    The customers using your software, especially those with purchasing and decision- making authority, are busy. Too busy to hop on the phone for an hour and run through a postmortem for a software solution they are no longer interested in using.

  • Building Software Vs. Building A Company

    This tweet has stuck with me for many weeks. "What I thought we were building: a SOFTWARE company What we’re actually building: a software COMPANY."

  • Companies To Watch: SOOP

    This seasoned software executive is getting his text-to-order startup off the ground by being smart about bootstrapping, pricing, and beta customers.