News | September 27, 2019

Data-Midas Founded To Develop Cloud-Based Technologies

Data-Midas Founded to Develop Cloud-Based Technologies; Plans Include Software Application to Benefit Collection Agencies, Mortgage Loan Servicing and County Court Records

Las Vegas, NV /PRNewswire/ - Data-Midas, a software engineering and design firm, was recently established to develop innovative cloud-based technologies to support mortgage servicers, data collection agencies, county recording offices, and other industries.

Las Vegas-based Data-Midas will initially focus on developing software applications that will enable companies and public agencies to make money on the data that they create.

"We know that most 'data creators' aren't compensated for the vital information they provide during the mortgage qualification process and in other situations," said Alan Baia, Data-Midas president. "In fact, they are unaware that they are giving away the data they have created."

Data-Midas is currently developing a system that will serve as a gateway between the data creators and those requesting credit history, legal records, and other timely updates.

"Our plan is to produce an application that will, for the first time, curtail third-parties' unrestricted access to this critical data and, most importantly, ensure that the data creators receive appropriate compensation," added Binh Dang, Data-Midas CEO.

Prior to forming Data-Midas, Baia was the founder of Cogent Road and creator of Funding Suite, Taxdoor and Roohmz Mortgage. Dang was co-founder of MeridianLink and creator of MortgageCreditLink, Lending-QB and PriceMyLoan.

For more information on Data-Midas, visit or call 800/270-7416.

Source: Data-Midas

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