Case Study

Deciding When To Eliminate Old Features And Versions That Make It Harder To Evolve Your Product

Source: Revulytics
Removing Features From Production Software

Engineers at a leading practice management software provider were struggling to manage a feature written in legacy code with obsolete tools. Whenever engineering upgraded the UI, the feature would break -- costing scarce time and resources. Software product management wanted to drop the feature, but decision-makers were reluctant to do so for fear of alienating existing customers. The team didn’t have reliable information about how many customers still relied on this feature, so it kept delaying the decision to abandon it -- and its maintenance costs and frustrations continued to grow.

Engineering needed insight to more effectively manage software roadmaps and versions for maturing products. By accurately tracking software feature usage, they could ensure that valuable features could be maintained, low-value features abandoned, and resources freed to build new features customers will pay for.