Exago BI - Ad Hoc Reporting, Dashboards, And Analytics

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Exago, inc.

If your application needs to accommodate non-technical users, power users, and everyone in between, you’re in the right place. Exago BI pairs award-winning ease of use with advanced functionality while giving you ultimate control over user experience.

At a Glance — Ease of use without sacrificing advanced functionality.

Exago is an enterprise BI solution that allows non-technical end users to create and edit reports and dashboards without IT support.

Every business user has a different level of comfort with technology. Exago is designed to be tailored to the level of complexity appropriate for each individual.

Exago gives you the flexibility to provide a rich, intuitive BI experience to the full spectrum of end users among your clients — from basic users who simply require read-only access to power users who take advantage of the complete set of advanced features.