Article | August 6, 2018

Experiment Your Way To Positive Customer Outcomes

Source: UserIQ

By Lawton Ursrey, Director of Customer Success and Growth at UserIQ


The customer is a complex creature, each with their own unique needs and goals. As customer success professionals, now more than ever, we have many tools to understand the state of a user at any single point in time. However, staying on top of all the details that point to customer success is hard. In the ever-expanding customer ecosystem, what are the most critical metrics to track and understand in order to keep customers happy and successful?

As the Director of Customer Success and Growth for UserIQ, this is a question I've explored extensively and enthusiastically both with my team and our own product. When it comes to understanding and improving how users feel about your product and how successful they are using it, the answer doesn’t lie in a single metric. It doesn’t even lie in a couple of metrics. The potential to most accurately measure and influence customer outcomes for your business lies in the right combination of metrics and the frequency with which you measure that allows for healthy, fail fast experimentation. At the end of the day, a metric is only as good as the actionable insights it delivers. Therefore, it’s up to the curious observer to understand that single metrics, such as Net Promoter Score (NPS), do not paint the whole picture. While finding the inherent utility within each of the observable metrics available to you is vital, hanging your hat on just one to drive tactical improvements will not serve you well over time.

For instance, everyone fixates on NPS. It’s an industry standard, so of course. I would like to see more customer success professionals widen their focus and evangelize the need to track other key metrics internally that are surprisingly often overlooked. Managing the very complex, ever-changing customer journey requires a more diverse toolbox than we’ve traditionally been using in order to maintain and improve the customer ecosystems we own over time.

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