Article | August 8, 2018

How Does An Integrated Payments Referral Partnership Work?

Source: Paragon Payment Solutions
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What is a Referral Partner?

What does it mean to partner with a payment solutions company? If you’re a software provider, entering into an integrated payments partnership can offer many lucrative benefits for you along with improved functionality for your clients. With a referral agreement, you can provide your customers with a reliable and secure payment processing provider. In return, you can potentially earn additional credit card processing revenue.

How Referral Agreements Work

The ability to accept payments is probably a high priority for many of your customers. As such, when you’re developing solutions for them, it’s the perfect opportunity to point them in the direction of a trustworthy payment processor. An integrated payments partnership means you find a specific processor and agree to direct your clients to their services. It’s a win-win-win situation for everyone: The processing company gains customers, your clients receive all the benefits of integrated payments and you create a new revenue stream, earning commissions paid by the processing company from merchant transaction profits.