Article | February 27, 2019

How To Evaluate Embedded BI In 5 Easy Steps

Source: Exago BI

By Nicole Hitner

Business Intelligence Market

If wading through a sea of embedded BI solutions in search of the perfect fit for your product sounds daunting, it should. Wading really isn’t what you want to be doing, but it’s what SaaS providers end up doing when they launch a product search without a plan. They may happen upon a suitable solution by happenstance, but odds are they’ll instead waste valuable runway time and money testing implementations that could never work for them or their end users.  

If you and your team don’t yet have a strategy for conducting your BI search, that’s okay. We’ve put together a roadmap you can use to build a plan unique to you. Foreign, multi-step processes are always easier when you have a general lay of the land, and that’s really all you need to get your search started. With attention to each of these five steps, you can be confident that the embedded BI solution you decide on is a good fit and will give your product the competitive advantage it needs to succeed in the market.

1. Develop Requirements

First off, if you don’t start out knowing exactly what you want out of an embedded BI solution, that’s okay. There’s certainly some learning-by-doing in all of this, and nomenclature plays a surprisingly central role in developing and articulating your requirements to vendors. Even general terms like “embedded BI” can mean different things to different providers, so it’s important to brush up on industry terminology as you map your requirements to the features on offer.

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