Article | December 3, 2018

If All Sales Is Account-Based, Why Isn't All Of Marketing: Bridging the Sales And Marketing Communications Gap

Source: Madison Logic

By Tom O'Regan


A strong relationship—one that yields results in shared objectives—demands solid communication. When it comes to sales and marketing teams, many B2B organizations are not there yet.

Sales and marketing still reside on opposite sides of a great gulf. Sales stand on one side, and marketing on the other. They communicate by throwing messages tied to rocks. But the messages don’t always make it across. Some fall into the void: leads, prospects, feedback, accounts, data, all of it, can be lost forever. A bridge spanning the two teams is needed, so that information can shuttle back and forth, and the overall organization can succeed.

When this bridge is in place, a strong joint relationship emerges. Sales has a list of accounts they want to target (and rationale as to why) and that they can share with marketing. At the same time, marketing has rich data about these accounts to cross-reference and help sales truly build meaningful account engagement. This two-way flow (just like a bridge), is the only way to succeed in jointly delivering well-targeted account-based sales volume.