Article | March 20, 2018

Pro Tips From Customer Success Leaders

Source: ChurnZero

By Cori Pearce, ChurnZero


Yesterday, we hosted the first of a new series of events called RYG Success Hour. You might be wondering what RYG means?  RYG stands for red, yellow, green. RYG Success Hour is all about learning how to take your customers whose health score is in the red or yellow and turn them into your best customers.

During the event we had three breakout sessions led by D.C. area-based Customer Success leaders. We thought there were some great takeaways from the sessions and we wanted to share them with the larger Customer Success community.

Keep reading to get expert tips and advice on the following topics:

  • How to Deliver Bad News to a Customer
  • How to Identify and Revive a Disengaged Customer
  • How to Become a Customer Success Leader