News Feature | August 15, 2017

Software Executive And Announce Partnership With CapStack West

Partnership CapStack West

Erie, PA – August 15, 2017 – Software Executive magazine and announced today their strategic partnership with CapStack West. Software companies and business leaders now have a resource to get the capital they need to grow their business as well as the expert advice to accelerate that growth.

Business Solutions recently launched Software Executive magazine and to help software companies grow and scale their businesses.

“Securing business capital is one of the key business challenges software companies in our audience face, and this partnership with CapStack West will help our readers navigate this complicated process,” said Abby Sorensen, Executive Editor.

CapStack West developed a private social community built to automate the process of capital deployment. In addition to inviting over 20,000 capital providers, of all types, the community includes Experts and Services that C-Suite executives demand.

The CapStack West platform is private; capital requestors are only seen by the matched capital providers. Providers stay private as well, walled off from the constant barrage of calls and emails from requestors. Both have direct access to posting content to bolster their offerings. CapStack West does not charge success fees and members can put their membership on hold once funds are secured. They can reopen their profile, change the type of capital and amount, and raise again and again, throughout their corporate lifecycle.

“The Software Executive and partnership is a welcome addition to the CapStack West business capital community. Building a software company in this accelerated climate requires precise decisions and execution. Our automatch™ engages the ‘right’ capital providers with software executive requirements, thereby accelerating capital deployment of both debt and equity,” said Ken Hubbard, CEO-CapStack West.

For more information on a free trial, and to receive 50% off the monthly subscription fee, please visit or contact

About Software Executive Magazine

Software Executive magazine helps software executives grow their businesses by showcasing the business best practices of our readers, executives from established and innovative software companies. Software Executive’s editorial is vertical and platform agnostic, and covers all types of B2B software companies, with an emphasis on business management applications. Our thought leadership articles, case studies, and market analysis helps software companies understand how to raise capital, address human resources challenges, implement sales and marketing solutions, price their products effectively, sustain their businesses, and build a reseller channel. Software Executive is not a tech-focused publication, it is a business-level resource to help executives grow and scale their software companies. The magazine will ship every other month beginning in August 2017 to 15,000+ software executives.

About seeks to inform and advise the burgeoning ISV (independent software vendor) community on the best opportunities for success in a complex and crowded market, where developing killer code simply isn’t enough. At, ISV leaders learn the funding, go-to-market, business management, sales, and partner development strategies that will take their applications out of the lab and into the hands of end users.  Through a daily stream of news and exclusive insight served up by winners in the software development community, our multimedia newsletter, webinar, event, and site content helps ISV readers build business value that differentiates them from the competition.

About CapStack West

CapStack West (CSW) is a private social community built specifically to accelerate the deployment of capital for business growth.  CSW delivers a true social community experience for companies looking for equity or debt as well as for capital providers deploying all types of funds to companies at all stages of growth.  CSW is a subscription platform with no success fees. The platform includes advanced deal management, group and private – video/audio/text chat, calendaring, live news feed, saving articles for later review, experts, services and target advertising.