Subscription Metrics & Analytics

Source: SaaSOptics


You can’t run a SaaS business without great analytics, and great analytics don’t come from spreadsheets or basic accounting packages.

In the early days of your business, the focus was on cash flow. Analytics and metrics aren't needed when you have 10 customers. As your business grows, your needs change and metrics and analytics such as MRR, ARR and CLV become critical—critical to making product, pricing and packaging decisions, and even more critical when you are talking to investors or acquirers.

As a SaaS business, you need both GAAP-compliant financials and subscription metrics, and we’ve got you covered. The SaaSOptics analytics engine is the most optimized subscription analytics engine in the market, delivering accurate and real-time insight into all your key SaaS metrics, including MRR, ARR, dollar churn & retention, logo churn & retention, CLV, CLV/CAC ratios, cohorts, projections and lots more.

With SaaSOptics, you have all the subscription analytics you need to run your business. And because they are built from your actual reportable financial records, they the most accurate subscription analytics you can get.