Article | July 22, 2019

The Write Stuff: Using Software Analytics To Educate Customers

Source: Revulytics

By Keith Fenech, Revulytics

Software Analytics

There’s nothing like the power of the pen. Or, in the digital era, there might be nothing as convincing as words created by computer pixels. For software companies, the influence of words lies in the content created to educate customers on how to make the most of their products. With informative blog posts, case studies and other content, software vendors can illustrate the ways that users can improve their workflows and get the most out of the time spent using their software application.

A consistent flow of educational content about optimizing the use of your software will demonstrate that they have a supportive partner that leads them down the road to improved productivity and business success.

Of course, the difficult part about creating valuable content is determining which information to highlight. By generalizing (or flat-out guessing), content can miss the mark and fail to provide actionable steps for improvement. You need a clear understanding of customers’ true behavior, an ability to see data on the ways their usage may be veering off the ideal path.

Thanks to the digital clarity of usage analytics, you can indeed see the actual patterns behind user behavior and be in a position to surface, in your educational content, the steps needed for improvement.