Article | March 29, 2019

What Is Software Compliance Analytics?

Source: Revulytics
Self-Pay ACA

Software piracy is still a big issue. Customer overuse is still a big issue. So let’s talk about software compliance analytics and the data that helps you convert pirates into paying customers.

According to research from Microsoft and Adobe, 83% of users of pirated software in mature markets are legally-inclined and will pay for software. License overuse within existing accounts is often the result of complicated licensing technology or terms.

The good news is that vendors can detect installed software and identify unpaid use with software usage analytics, and then act on this intelligence to power their compliance and revenue recovery and generation strategies. The bottom line? The ability to use data to identify infringing users is critical because there’s a high potential to convert them.

Gartner has included software usage analytics in recent Hype Cycles, and defines it as “the detailed tracking and analysis of users’ interactions within a software application,” and cites compliance as one of the valuable insights it delivers.