Article | January 10, 2019

When Do I Need Sales Enablement?

Source: Seismic

By Matt Ellis, Seismic

Five Questions To Ask A Prospective Contract Research Organization

When do I need sales enablement? This is one of the most crucial questions that emerges when embarking on a sales enablement journey. Because a sales enablement solution drastically alters the way an organization conducts its sales and marketing activities, it is imperative to understand exactly when you need sales enablement.

To begin understanding the answer to this question let’s take a look at the steps a typical organization will go through before they begin to think in terms that will ultimately answer the question: “when do I need sales enablement?”

Most organizations—whether mature, or fast-growing startup—will begin with document management. This is the simple process of storing and managing the documents that an organization uses in its day-to-day activities. This will typically be an unsophisticated process without much strategy or initiative behind it. Document management is a process that streamlines the storage of records, content, and other assorted pieces of collateral.