Article | April 23, 2019

How ISVs Can Stay Ahead In Digital Workplaces

Source: BlueStar, Inc.

By Samantha Kalany, BlueStar

The Future Of Automation And Digital Transformation In Late Phase Research

Will software applications remain as relevant as the digital workplace evolves? This is a question that many ISVs find themselves asking as we push forward in the digital age. As a demand for updated software and hardware solutions is heightened in the workplace, ISVs will need to find ways to allow end-users to conduct business more efficiently and profitably. The trends of the modern digital workplace are meant for creating action-oriented work processes and models that give the employee more responsibility instead of creating more detailed and ineffective processes. Here are some of the ways ISVs can get ahead in crafting digital capabilities for their end-users.


Digital meeting capabilities are currently delivered through the cloud. Video-meetings are enabled for small, open and collaborative spaces to connect Point A to Point B. At the same time, this will remove end-user friction and video deployment complexity issues. In the past, these capabilities were only available for large video conferences or for companies that could afford such high costs. These digital means will be widely available for those within all meeting parameters and company sizes.